A/N: Sort of a companion piece to Maybe It's A Start. You should check it out first, but it's not necessary. This is actually a real conversation that happened between me and him. Oh what fun :) R/R! Haven't got any for my past six stories. It's depressing. I will never use their names. I want to protect their privacy, and I can't give them pseudonyms without losing my connection with them.

Sprawled in my seat
Just chilling after a long hard week
When he gets on.
I roll my eyes.
King Jerk is in the building.
Well, bus. But I digress.
I can't stand him.
I know he likes my friend.
It's obvious in everything he does.
He claims that he hates her
But it's not possible to hate someone as much as he claims.
He sinks into his seat, right behind mine.

I turn around, a devious smile on my face.
Do you like her?
I ask him straight out.
He tries denying it.
He claims he has a girlfriend
But I call bullshark.
I ask again.
Do you like her?
Once again, he denies it.
His face is getting redder and redder.
Dead giveaway.

My stop arrives, and the chat is over.
I turn around. I'm not done yet.
You know, I tell him.
Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
Now on to the serious stuff.
She's my friend I say.
Get your act together and treat her like she deserves.
Or I will break your face.

I smile brightly at his blushing
And love struck face.
My mission is complete.