honey your pretty as a picture dont you ever think less

one day in these arms, i'll teach you how to fly and show forgivness

the blue in your eyes reflects the new worlds sky

when you see high your mother turns, she never did die

play with your heart wide open, show the intsurments feeling

realise your true potential, express yourself, then sing

honey you go with well sugar and i thought i'd gone well with your father

being in harmony is a rare gift, he made mama drop like a feather

sweety our traurma is ones frightning weakness

daddy never meant for this, more than sleepless

the life we lead wasnt for a child to see

mommy always loved you more than he

please honey bare this burden

visit me in the graveyards blistful garden

dear honey baby father will rest now too

love us both even after leaving so soon

here the nightmare ends