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Monday. I woke up to my alarm with a pit of dread in my stomach. Heaving myself out of bed, I started to get ready. Because it was my first day, I decided to take extra care in my appearance. I put on my favourite tee-shirt and some dark skinny jeans. I encased my long black hair with a ribbon and went to have my breakfast.

The cereal I had gotten for myself stuck in my throat. I threw it, milk and all into the trash; I wasn't hungry.

I checked my phone. There were two new messages, both from my old friends. The messages from my friends were the same: Good luck with school, how are you feeling?

I replied: Dreading school. Thanks for the luck. Doubt it'll do much tho. g2g – it's time :(


At school, I was shown around by a girl named Rachel Jessington. I didn't know what to think of her; she seemed to take an immediate dislike to me but seemed well liked by most of the student body.

'So, this is the cafeteria,' she announced. 'The freaks sit over there, the wannabes over there, the emos over there, the nobodies there, the jocks there, and me and the rest of the cheer squad, there. You will sit with the freaks or by yourself – they're the only places that you'd ever fit in. By the way, only cheerleaders at our table and, well – let's just say that I doubt they'd let you on the team,' Rachel sneered.

Well Rachel's nice isn't she! Just my luck.

We continued the tour before arriving before a classroom. I sat down next to a girl with spiky black hair and skull earrings. She was chatting animatedly with a girl who was dressed head to toe in pink. I mean pink lips, pink dress, pink shoes and pink nails. She looked like a walking talking bag of fairy floss. I introduced myself to the skull girl. She introduced herself as Louisa but said that she preferred to be called Lou. She introduced the pink girl as Candy. She had a strong southern accent and every second word was either; like, babe or Hun. Lou spoke with a strong English accent and used words like swot, fool and prat.

'Rachel seems to hate you,' remarked Candy.

'Yeah, dunno why,' I mused.

'Weird. She's usually a pretty nice girl,' said Lou.

'Yeah,' added Candy, 'She is usually pretty cool , babe, but right now, if looks could kill, you'd be dead a million times over.'

We fell silent then as the teacher came in. The teachers name was Mr Brunnest. He got me to stand up at the front of the class, introduce myself, and tell a bit about myself. I stood up and started to speak.

'My name is Annabelle Johnstone. I'm 15 years old and this is my 7th school in seven years. I move around a lot because of my dad's work. Before now, I lived in San Francisco. I enjoy singing, acting and architecture. I am terrified of spiders, water and dead things. I play netball and squash. I made the state team last year so I might try out again this year. I'm an only child and my parents are separated. That's about it I guess, so, yeah.'

From the back, I heard Rachel whispering to a girl next to her.

'Architecture? What. A. Freak.'


At the end of Homeroom, Lou and Candy offered to show me to my classes throughout the day. We exchanged timetables and found that we all had the same classes except for French and Drama.

My timetable looked something like this:

Session 1: Homeroom

Session 2: French

Session 3: Drama


Session 4: History

Session 5: English


Session 6: Gym

Session 7: Math

When I got to French, I sat down next to this guy. He seemed nice, his name was Jake. We chatted for a while before class. I learnt that he had a sister who was fourteen, a dog named rabbit and that he was terrible at French. When class started I found that he wasn't lying. He sucked.

'Je me apple Jake, Jay… um cwins ans.' He said.

I laughed. 'Jake, it's Je m'appelle Jake, J'ai quinze ans. You pronounce quinze like cans, not cwins.'

He blushed.


At the end of French, the most hilarious thing happened; some girls had put superglue on the teacher's seat so, at the end of the lesson when the teacher went to get up, the seat came with her. I guessed that the girls were known for being troublemakers because, although there was no way to prove it was them, they got detention. At the end of French, the girls introduced themselves as Lucy and Katie Swipe. I found Candy waiting outside the door for me, to take me to my next class but before we could leave I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Jake. 'You left your timetable on your desk and I couldn't help but notice that we have drama at the same time so do you want to walk together?

I agreed, 'Sure, Candy's not in that class so she was going to be late if she took me any way.'

On the way to drama I asked Jake if he had any idea why Rachel had decided to hate me.

'I really don't know, even though some of the people she hangs out with are the stereotyped shallow cheerleaders, she's normally nice to everybody. Did you do something to offend her?'

'I actually don't know what I did! It's actually quite confusing – everybody I've asked has said that she's a nice person. I'm seriously wondering what I did to make her hate me this much, she glares at me every time I see her!'

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