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I wandered through the school, to the reception to collect my timetable.

'Rachel Jessington,' I said, surprising the receptionist. She handed me my timetable. As I turned to leave, she stopped me.

'Oh, Miss Jessington, I forgot – you've been asked to show the new girl around. She'll be here in a moment if you'll wait please.'

I sat down in one of the chairs in the room and waited. I was not long before an insanely pretty girl came in. She was the kind of girl that made others feel fat and ugly by just standing next to them and I was no exception. I felt a stab of jealousy and didn't realise that I was glaring at the girl until she looked at me. She turned away, looking troubled.

'Uh, I'm Annabelle Johnstone, I'm new here.' She told the receptionist.

'Yes, Miss Johnstone. Here is your timetable and Rachel here will show you around.' She pointed at me.

Annabelle walked over. I stood up stiffly and started the tour. I started by showing her the cafeteria. Just as I was going to tell her how to get her lunch and what was nice at the canteen, a little green monster came out and spoke instead,

'So, this is the cafeteria,' I announced. 'The freaks sit over there, the wannabes over there, the emos over there, the nobodies there, the jocks there, and me and the rest of the cheer squad, there. You will sit with the freaks or by yourself – they're the only places that you'd ever fit in. By the way, only cheerleaders at our table and, well – let's just say that I doubt they'd let you on the team,'

I paled, immediately horrified with what I had just said. Even being jealous doesn't give the right to be mean. I just couldn't help it, and if I apologised now, she'd think I was some psycho freak with multiple personalities.

We continued the tour, all the while my thoughts far away from what I was saying. In my head, I was trying to justify my actions.

If she's that pretty, she probably gets told it all the time, I thought, I've done her a favour, brought her back down to earth.

Even in my head it sounded stupid.


When in her introductory speech, Annabelle announced that she liked architecture, I felt like I could scream. She was pretty and smart. It wasn't fair. I was neither of those and I was told by my family often enough. In my anger, I remarked cattily to the girl beside me,

'Architecture? What. A. Freak.'