Mommy, I started kindergarden today
I drew you a picture.
What's that funny smelling thing you're drinking?
Look Mommy, no hands! See how fast I'm going?
Mommy, I fell. I think my arm's broken.
Why are you yelling? What does that word mean?
I'm going out for a while, Mom.
Can I take the car? I promise I won't crash it.
Fine. What about dad's car?
Yes, I know I'm a little shit. You don't need to tell me twice.
Hey Mom, I'm sorry about sneaking out.
I didn't know you would get worried.
Why do you care what the neighbors think?
I got into a good college, just like you always wanted.
I know there are better ones. I just wanted you to be proud.
I'm leaving Wednesday. I won't forget to call.
Hey Mother, just checking in.
I'm going to be a doctor, just like you.
I hope I don't disappoint you again.
Mother, it's my birthday again.
Tenth year in a row you forgot to call.
Maybe I should stop trying.
I know you don't care, but I have a wife now.
Some kids too. Named one after you.
It's been six years, maybe we should talk again?
I should of predicted this.
You never drove well, even when sober.
Why was this seem like such a surprise?
I was supposed to write a speech for your funeral.
I didn't. I knew it wouldn't have been good enough.
I'm sorry I'm such a screw up.