A Family Found By Red

It was bright. Then dark. Then bright. Then dark. The cave light up as a young filly nickered in fear. She backed up against the wall as the rain poured down. RUMBBBBLLLLE...

The thunder grumbled as if displeased. The lightning flashed again, causing the cave to light up.

The young filly cried out again, terror in her green eyes. "Mama! Mama!" flickered her gaze to a body beside her. But the body was cold. The orphan foal nestled beside her dead mother and took in a shaking breath...After a few terrible minutes, the filly was asleep...

Her beautiful black wings fought against the strong gusts of wind. Raindrops as cold as ice seemed to stab her ears and nose. Her once fluffy white mane flipped into her golden eyes, and her rainbow horn wasn't as bright as usual.

Yet she still pressed on. The thunder and lighning didn't make her flinch. Her strong strides pushed through the raging storm. She was SwiftWind, The Survivor, The only pegacorn left in the Kingdom of Horses. She was the great granddaughter of the High Queen SwiftBreeze. But what happened to SwiftBreeze and the rest of the pegacorns was unknown.

All she knew was that her kind had either died, or dissapeared, and they weren't coming back. She lived for years as a loner,not belonging to any herd. Just wandering, searching for something she knew she would never find. Her family. Her herd.

She dove down, landing under some trees. What was that she heard? There it was again... The whinny of a filly...She would reconize it anywhere. it was the sound of terror and heartbreak. It was the first sound she had made when she can home to discover everyone gone.

With a steady pace, she followed the cry to a familiar cave. It was nearly midnight...The moonlight danced through the clouds and into the cave. The storm passed, and with a plitter-plop, the last raindrop fell.

SwiftWind silently approached a shaking shape. She watched unnoticed and the filly trembled. "Mama!Mama!"

WhisperWind's memories blinded her from seeing the rest.

She remembered how desperately she trotted about, wondering if it was all a trick. She was just a young filly, and was frightened when she arrived to an empty pasture after a day of exploring. She had checked to trees...Was her mother behind the trees, drinking from the stream? Was her father eating the wild ferns near the big oak?

But when it dawned her that weren't there,heartbroken, she cried out, terrified... had wandered into the very same cave, and discovered her mother and sisters dead bodies, lying cold on the dirty ground. She had cried out with grief, and almost died of saddness, but that night, all alone, she resolved to stay alive, so she could find the rest of her family.

Years later, here she was, watching another foal like her, beside her dead mother, with no idea what happened, and what to do. She looked at the filly with such understanding and love, and decided to do whatever she could do to help. Knowing it would be a cold night, and the foal might freeze to death, she lay next to the little foal to keep her warm through the night.

They slept till day break, and the filly was overjoyed to find her, and curiously inspected SwiftWind's wings and horns. She asked many questions...

"Why? Why is your horn a rainbow color? Why don't i have one? Can i get one? Why are your wings so big? Can i try them on?"

SwiftWind sighed. "No, little one, you can't, I can't take them off. I am a Pegacorn, you are a non-magical horse."

"Does that mean I'm not as pretty? Why can't i be magical like you?"

SwiftWind nuzzled the little filly. "What i mean is that we are slighly different. Of course you are pretty. And magical in your own special way."

The morning sunlight reflected off the little filly's shiny gray coat. She blinked with excitment. "I have my own special way? Does that mean i can fly too? Where's my wings? Why can't I see them? Or does it mean I have a horn? I don't feel my horn. Why?"

The elder horse shook her head and walked to the trees. "Come, we have to go. If we stay here too long, we won't be able to make it to the mountains."

"Okay! My name is Breeze. Why are we going to the mountains? WAIT!"

SwiftWind looked back at Breeze. "What is it now?"

Breeze raced back to the cave and disappeared inside. SwiftWind waited a few seconds, then followed her inside. She found the little filly next to her mother.

"Mama, we're going to the mountains. Wake UP! Mama, why can't you wake up? Don't you wanna come? A nice horse with wings and a horn told me that we are going to the mountains. Mama! Wake up or we'll be late!"

SwiftWind walked to her sadly. " Breeze. She won't wake up."

"I know! That's why I need you to help me wake her up."

"No, what i mean is that she has died. She isn't alive. It happens to many."

Swiftwind feared the little filly wouln't understand, but when Breeze looked up at her, there were tears in her eyes. "Dead? Not alive? Like what happened to Papa and Willow? Mama and me had to leave them, and now i don't have a sister to play with. Is mama dead too? Do i have to leave her? But she left me, didn't she? Why, SwiftBreeze?"

SwiftWind couldn't bare the look on Breeze's face, and walked out of the cave.

After crying to her mother, urging her to wake up just in case she was asleep, Breeze relectantly left with SwiftWind.

Day by day, the young filly and the pegacorn grew closer, until one day the filly accepted her as her mother. They settled down in a meadow, where the grass was sweet, and plentiful. They lived there in peace, as Mother and Filly, loving each other till death part them.

When SwiftWind died, Breeze was first shocked and didn't eat or sleep, but then realized that SwiftBreeze would have wanted her to survive, stay strong, and live her life wisely.

She traveled further up the mountains, where she found a herd willing to accept her. Just days later, she fell in love with a stallion, Thunder, and later had two colts, Swift, and Wind. They each had a little heart on their heads, and they were as black as the midnight sky.

Breeze lived a long and exciting life, and she never forgot her past. The tale of her Pegacorn Rescuer was passed on from generation to generation.

SwiftWind never found her old family, but she discovered a whole new one. Breeze's family grew as time past,and each of her foals had a heart on her or his head, and if you have a horse with a heart on it's head, it may be related to Breeze, an everlasting message of love to SwiftWind.

The End