~ Welcome To Florida ~


My life is so complicated. My mum hates my fiancée. My dad is cheating on my mother. I'm pregnant and my mum hates me and won't talk to me because of it. My town, it's beautiful; the architecture, the monuments, the sites, the scenery, the nature. What's not beautiful about it is my past here. I want to go away. I want to get a fresh start with my fiancée. I want to forget the past. It might not be erasable, but hopefully forgettable. I've begged and pleaded my mother to forgive me, but she just won't. I've gave her gifts, cleaned her house, attempted to rub her feet, apologized, and more. She just ignores everything I do. She won't even say a word to me. I need my dad, but he is always out drinking, or having sex with some random woman, or man sometimes (he's bisexual). Even when he is home, he's either drunk or high. Even though he's such a bad person in these ways, I still love him. My fiancée works in the City at a coffee shop. I'm a writer, but I'm no JK Rowling. I'm just like millions of other young adult writers in London, writing short, crappy novels. My aim is towards older teenagers and adults. Me and my fiancée are trying to find a place to live, and we are thinking somewhere in North America, preferably the USA. Our funds aren't the best, but my most recent novel is doing pretty well, and my fiancée got a promotion to assistant manager last Tuesday. We have a jar we put our extra money (the money that doesn't go towards food and important things) in. We gave our plans a nickname and wrote it on the jar, "Operation USA". For free time I like to play video games with my fiancée, listen to music, watch T.V. (The Voice, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, etc.), draw, dance, and swim in the community pool. I live in a small apartment, consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen that's mashed together with the dining room, a living room, and a laundry room. Me and my fiancée sleep together in the master bedroom and we made the other into a guest room/storage room. Since the laundry room is a little big for just a washer and dryer we made it into a little office area for me to work on my novels and a laundry room mashed into one. Enough about my home. My mum hates my fiancée because she claims that he's a "lazy, stupid, worthless whore", which made me get into a fight with her. I just wanna cry. It seems like just yesterday I was in Australia with her, and we ate ice cream as we walked across the Sydney Harbor bridge. She used to love me. She used to take care of me. Why'd I have to grow up? It makes me want to shrivel up in a corner and die. But I have to stay strong, for this beautiful baby growing in my stomach, my fiancée, for my few fans (of my books), and for myself.