So this was a project I had to do for my writer's craft class. I really love how this script turned out so I thought I would share it with you all Please leave a review and tell me what you think!


JANE- A young girl of about 16. Victim of ALEXIS who bullies her over social media.

ALEXIS- Has a falling out with JANE and begins to bully her through the internet.

SAM- One of JANE's best friends.

GWEN- JANE's other best friend.

MS. SMITH- JANE's history teacher.

MELISSA and BRIANNE- ALEXIS's new friends who also bully JANE


[A school hallway. A bell rings. Students are walking across the stage but disappear when JANE and ALEXIS enter from stage left. They are arguing with each other. JANE turns to ALEXIS.]

JANE: I know she wrecked your grade, Al, but maybe you shouldn't have copied from her.

ALEXIS: [Angry.] Ruined my grade? I got kicked out of the class, Jane!

JANE: But Alexis-

ALEXIS: I got suspended! Why are you on her side?

JANE: I just think-

ALEXIS: [Accusingly.] You're on that snotty little whore's side, aren't you? Some friend you are!

JANE: Alexis, don't talk about her like that!

ALEXIS: I'll talk about her however I want! That bitch got me suspended! Why do I need to keep saying that? Do you not understand?

JANE: [Exasperated.] Alexis, you got yourself suspended. It wasn't her fault you cheated!

ALEXIS: Oh fuck off! I'm supposed to be your best friend!

JANE: [Reaches for her arm.] I am, Al!

ALEXIS: [Shakes her hand off.] No, you're not! You'd rather stick up for some crazy bitch than me! You're never on my side! I don't even know why we're friends!

JANE: [Taking a step towards ALEXIS.] Al-

ALEXIS: [Backs away, looking disgusted.] Get away from me!

[ALEXIS pushes past JANE to exit stage right. Pauses at the edge of the stage and turns to look back at her.]

ALEXIS: [Menacingly.] You better watch your back. [Exits.]

[JANE stays where she is, looking worried. SAM and GWEN enter stage right, talking to each other. They see JANE and walk towards her.]

JANE: [Turning towards her friends.] Hey, Sam! Hey, Gwen!

SAM: Hey! We just walked past Alexis. What got her panties in a knot?

JANE: [Dismissively.] She's just mad because I disagreed with her about something.

GWEN: Ooo, bad idea!

JANE: Whatever, she'll get over it.

SAM: And if she doesn't…

SAM and GWEN: Good riddance!

[They all laugh.]

JANE: She isn't very nice sometimes…

GWEN: Try ever!

JANE: [Laughs.] Okay, okay, you have a point.

SAM: Welcome to our dark side! [Links arms with GWEN and JANE.] Now, let's get out of here! It's Friday!

[They all laugh and walk off-stage together. The stage lights fade to black.]


[Bedroom. JANE is in bed, sleeping. Suddenly GWEN and SAM run on stage with the sound of a slamming door. JANE sits straight up in a panic.]

JANE: [Groggy.] Wuz goin' on?

GWEN: We have a problem!

[GWEN shoves her phone in front of JANE's face. When JANE looks at the screen, her eyes go wide.]

JANE: [Screeching.] WHAT THE HELL! [Grabs the phone and begins to read from the screen.] "Chillin' with the besties, Briannexoxo and kisskissmeliss." She's hanging out with Brianne and Melissa? The convertible crowd?

SAM: Scroll down.

JANE: "Finally ditched that clingy bitch and her nerd herd. Now I can finally get cool friends."

SAM: She's so full of it.

JANE: [Upset.] Why is she doing this? What did I do?

GWEN: Queen Bee is used to everyone kneeling down at her perfectly pedicured feet.

SAM: And you didn't.

JANE: That's why? Seriously? I just said she shouldn't cheat off of other people's tests!

GWEN: [Calming.]We know, sweetie.

SAM: She's just being a bitch. She'll calm down soon.

GWEN: Ya, it's not like she can hold a grudge for the rest of her life!

JANE: [Skeptically.] Are you sure?

GWEN: Trust me, she'll get over it.

SAM: And you've still got us!

JANE: I know. Thanks guys. C'mere. [She opens her arms and SAM and GWEN envelop her in a group hug.] She's got the entire weekend to get over it.

SAM: [Pulling out of the hug and sitting on the edge of the bed.] That's the spirit!

GWEN: [Into JANE's shoulder, still hugging her.] Hey, Jane?

JANE: Yes, Gwen?

GWEN: Do I smell pancakes?

SAM: [Reproachfully.] Gwen!

GWEN: I can't help it, I'm hungry!

JANE: [Giggles.] There's only one way to fix that!

[JANE jumps off the bed and runs off stage right. SAM and GWEN yell, jump off the bed, and follow her. Stage lights fade out.]


[Classroom. JANE sits behind a desk, encircled by eight other desks with students sitting at them. ALEXIS sits at the desk directly behind JANE, between BRIANNE and MELISSA. ALEXIS has her phone out and is smirking at the back of JANE's head. BRIANNE and MELISSA simultaneously take out their phones and check them, then look at ALEXIS and giggle. MS. SMITH stands at the front of the stage and addresses the audience.]

MS. SMITH: [Uncaring.] Alright class, today is a work period to study for your test on Ancient Mesopotamia next week. I am your teacher, not your babysitter, so I will not be patrolling how you use your time. You may choose to use it however you wish. Choose wisely. [Exits.]

[Everyone in the class immediately pulls out their phones and start texting. JANE sits alone, almost as though a bubble separates her from the rest of the students. She pulls out a textbook and focuses on it. ALEXIS leans forward over her desk to talk to JANE.]

ALEXIS: [Sarcastically.] Congrats on blocking me on Twitter, I'm soooo scared.

JANE: [Still looking at her textbook.] Leave me alone.

ALEXIS: You're so tough! I'm shaking in my boots!

[She waits for JANE to respond. When she doesn't, ALEXIS continues talking.]

ALEXIS: You can block me all you want, I'm still going to make you pay.

JANE: [Turning around.] They're only words, Alexis, they can't hurt me.

ALEXIS: I wouldn't bet on that.

[ALEXIS sits back down and picks up her phone. JANE goes back to her book. BRIANNE and MELISSA pick up their phones again and then both lean forward to talk to JANE.]

BRIANNE: Hey Jane, is it true you're a lesbian?

MELISSA: But I heard you slept with five guys at Brett's party last weekend. How does that work?

BRIANNE: [To Melissa.] Maybe she rolls both ways?

JANE: [Head snaps up.] Where did you hear that?

BRIANNE: Oh, just something a little tweety bird told me.

JANE: [Going back to her book.] Twitter is more lies than fact, Brianne.

MELISSA: So none of it's true? You're a straight virgin then?

JANE: [Muttering.] Go away, Melissa.

BRIANNE: [Crowing.] Of course she's a virgin! Who'd sleep with HER?

ALEXIS: [From behind JANE.] I don't know, maybe the desperate guy who did?

[BRIANNE and MELISSA gasp and look at each other. They sit back down and huddle up to ALEXIS. All three start whispering. A bell rings and JANE grabs her things and rushes off stage before anyone else has moved. As the other students rise and collect their things, the stage lights fade to black.]


[Bedroom. GWEN, JANE, and SAM lie on their stomachs, their open laptops forming a loose triangle. JANE's body is directed towards the audience and GWEN and Jane are perpendicular to the audience, facing each other.]

GWEN: [Exasperated.] Jane, why are you doing this to yourself? Just get off the computer for Pete's sake!

SAM: [Compassionately.] Jane, I agree with Gwen. You're only hurting yourself, sweetie.

JANE: Everyone is talking about me Gwen, I have a right to know what they're saying!

GWEN: Now that everyone knows you slept with Ryan last year it's only going to have gotten worse.

JANE: We dated for almost two years!

SAM: But people are going to judge you for it anyway, especially if people like Brianne and Melissa are in on it.

JANE: [Angrily.] You guys suck!

[GWEN and SAM exchange a pointed look over their laptops.]

JANE: [Pleading.] Please guys? Only ten minutes, I promise. Then I'll let it go.

GWEN: [Skeptically.] Ten minutes?

JANE: Ten minutes, that's it. I promise.

SAM: [Giving in.] Only if after we're done we can watch a movie!

JANE: [Placating.] Whatever you want.

GWEN: And we get to choose! No more horror movies!

JANE: [Impatiently.] Fine, chick flicks it is. Just get on with it.

[They all start typing.]

GWEN: I'll check Facebook since I'm the only one with an account, but there won't be anything. You don't have a profile, so there's no point in posting anything.

JANE: [Dismissively.] Check anyway. Sammy, you'll check Twitter, right?

SAM: [Hesitantly.] I guess…

JANE: [Brusquely.] I've already seen the worst of it, there won't be any surprises.

SAM: [Changing the subject.] What are you gonna do?

JANE: I'm going to log into my Tumblr and see if anyone thought of that.

[They all go silent and focus on their computer screens, typing on the keyboards.]

SAM: Not much new here.

JANE: [Demanding.] Read me what they're saying!

SAM: [Hesitantly.] The same stuff really…

[JANE glares at her and SAM caves in.]

SAM: [Reading from the screen.] "Jane is so fat. I wonder how she finds pants that fit." "If Jane jumped off a building, do you think her blubber would save her?" And then there's-

[A look of shock appears on SAM's face and she slams her laptop shut.]

JANE: [Demanding.] What? What is it?

SAM: Nothing, just a virus warning. [Changing the subject.] What did you find?

JANE: I haven't logged in yet, one sec. [Types a few letters.] Whoa! Five hundred and sixty four messages!

GWEN: Don't click it!

JANE: Too late! Besides, what's it gonna do, come out of the computer and attack me?

GWEN: [Under her breath.] Something like that…

JANE: [Reading from the computer.] "Dumb bitch, get the fuck out of here. No one likes you." [Snorts.] That's original!

[JANE continues to read out loud from her computer screen. She tries to hide it but it starts to show that the messages are beginning to hurt her.]

JANE: "Jump off a cliff." Short but sweet. Ooo, here's a good one! "Go kill yourself, no one would miss you."

GWEN: [As if in pain.] Jane! Stop it!

JANE: [Laughs fakely.] It's not hurting me any. These people are so juvenile!

SAM: [Quietly.] Jane, you're lying. I can see it in your face.

JANE: [Suddenly angry.] None of this is bothering me! I have a thicker skin than that! All of these immature people cannot hurt me! Understand?

[GWEN snorts. JANE turns her attention from SAM to glare at GWEN.]

JANE: [Waspishly.] What did you find, Gwendolyn?

GWEN: [Reluctantly.] Not much…

JANE: [Bluntly.] You're lying. Tell me.

GWEN: [Defensive.] No I'm not!

JANE: [Enraged.] You're supposed to be my friend! Why are you keeping secrets from me?

GWEN: Jane, I'm not, I-

JANE: [Yelling.] Then tell me!

GWEN: [Sighs.] Well, most people are keeping it off their personal pages…

JANE: [Expectantly.] But?

GWEN: Someone made a page instead.

SAM: [Confused.] What does that mean?

GWEN: It's basically the same as Twitter. People can just post stuff on this page whenever they like. Some of the posts are even the same as the ones that Sam read to you.

JANE: [Demanding.] Read me some.

GWEN: [Reluctantly.] "Jane is such a dyke." And, "Poor Ryan, I hope he didn't get any nasty STDs."

JANE: [Sarcastically.] Hadn't heard those ones yet.

GWEN: Hold on, there's a new post.

[GWEN reads the screen. Her eyes go wide and she closes her laptop quickly.]

JANE: [Expectantly.] What is it?

GWEN: Nothing, just a notification that the page is being shut down.

JANE: That's great!

SAM: Obviously someone has a conscience.

GWEN: This calls for celebration food!

JANE: [Laughs.] I'll go check the pantry.

[JANE gets up and exits stage right leaving GEWN and SAM alone.]

SAM: [Suddenly serious.] Gwen, we have a problem.

GWEN: What did you find on Twitter?

SAM: [Upset.] Somebody made a parody account and called it Fat Jane. The profile picture is of Jane at the school carnival last year eating a corndog and they're posting awful things!

GWEN: [Soberly.] Sam, that's nothing compared to Facebook.

SAM: But they're shutting down the page!

GWEN: No, they're not.

SAM: [Confused.] Then what was that post about?

GWEN: They're shutting down the page, but they made a website instead.

SAM: What kind of website?

GWEN: .com. People can go on and say whatever they like and it's all anonymous.

[SAM and GWEN stare at each other in horror.]

GWEN: We can't tell her.

SAM: [Firmly.] No.

GWEN: She can't find out.

SAM: Hell no!

GWEN: We have to protect her from this.

SAM: We will, we're her best friends. Pinky promise.

[SAM and GWEN reach over their laptops and link pinkies, staring at each other soberly. The stage lights fade to black.]


[JANE is alone on stage, still in the bedroom setting. She is sitting on her bed, facing the audience but not addressing their presence.]

JANE: [To herself.] Gwen and Sam were acting so weird today. I came back upstairs and they had the most plastic smiles on, even though I'm carrying a bag of chocolate and sodas. Why weren't they excited, it was food! And then they let me pick the movie. They know I always pick horror movies, and I know they absolutely hate them. And as soon as it was over they left. I wonder if this has anything to do with what we were looking at earlier. They were obviously uncomfortable with it. And Gwen was acting pretty weird about that Facebook page… [JANE looks beside her at her laptop which is lying beside her on the bed.] It can't be that bad. [JANE picks up her computer and opens it on her lap.]

[To herself.] .com. [Pause.] Ha! So, her email is gwendolyn13 [Types.] And her password is… [Types again.] Ha! That was way too easy, she might want to reconsider making her password her dog's name. Now, where's that page… [Continues to type.] Found it. Newest post.

[Clicks. As JANE stares at the screen, her face falls and the emotional pain she is feeling becomes clear.] "This page will be shut down at 11:59 pm tonight. After that please visit .com." [Confused.] What the hell? [JANE types furiously.] "Jane the dyke dot com. A website dedicated to that fat bitch who thinks she's all that. Here is the only place on the internet where we can properly put her in her place. Post a pic, say your words, let her know just how low on the food chain she really is." [JANE is fixated on the computer screen as she browses the page.]

[Starting quiet and getting louder.] Why are they doing this? "Fat, ugly, whore, dyke." What did I do to them? Why is this okay? Is it me? Why doesn't anyone stop them? I don't even know most of these people! What have I done to make them hate me so much? [Shouting.] Why?

[JANE slams her laptop shut with a wild expression and a half sob, looking out into the audience as the stage goes dark.]


[School hallway. People are walking across the stage. All are dressed in black or white shirts. JANE is at a locker with her back to the audience. She is wearing a bright shirt to stick out. She turns around. A students passes and JANE stares at him/her while she says her line.]

JANE: "Jane is such a bitch. In class she never shuts up. She's such a know-it-all."

[Another student walks past. JANE focuses on her.]

JANE: "Jane needs to get out of my gym class. She's too fat to do anything, and it's so creepy how she always stares at everyone while they're changing."

[The stage lights go red and JANE continues to look at the passing students. The students begin to circle around JANE as they shout insults at her.]

STUDENT 1: Plain Jane, too ugly to get a boyfriend.

STUDENT 2: Jane is such a slut, what did her mother teach her?

STUDENT 3: What a loser.

[All of the students join in to shout insults at JANE. Their words begin to blend together and get louder.]











[JANE screams and collapses to kneel on the ground with her hands over her ears. Students continue to walk past, not noticing her on the floor, or not acknowledging her. Blackout.]


[Empty stage. Bedroom setting. JANE runs on from stage right, crying, with the noise of a slamming door.]

JANE: [Screams at the audience.] WHY? [She turns to face the audience.]

[Hysterical.] Why me? What did I ever do? Alexis… I thought we were friends! Why would she want to make me so miserable? She's set the whole school against me because of some silly little fight. Everyone in the school hates me and at first I didn't know why. But now… I see it. I deserve it.

[She turns and walks to side stage to stand in front of a full-length mirror, perpendicular to the audience.] Fat. Ugly. I see it now. I finally see what they see. Why would anyone like me? I'm hideous. I don't even know who I am anymore… [She reaches out to touch the mirror with her fingertips then quickly turns away, falling to her knees looking out towards the audience, face tilted upwards.]

I told Gwen and Sam it didn't bother me. But I lied. It does. And now I believe what everyone is saying. I can feel this throbbing pain inside of me, reminding me of what I truly am. It will never go away. I have seen myself through another person's eyes, and I hate what I see. How could I have been so blind? [JANE pushes herself off the floor and walks to stand at center stage.]

[Upset but emphatic.] I will never be good enough! Never! Maybe they're right! I should just go. Go away forever. No one would miss me. [JANE backs up until she hits the edge of her bed. She sinks down onto the mattress.]

[Whispering.] No one would miss me…

[She trails off and her head falls into her hands. Blackout.]


[Dark stage. ALEXIS and JANE stand apart from each other, facing the audience. They are dressed similarly. A spotlight comes up on JANE. Throughout both monologues, neither girl steps out from under her spotlight.]

JANE: The pain of seeing those words. The hurt of being ridiculed. The only thing worse is that moment when you allow yourself to believe it could be true.

Alexis and I had been friends since kindergarten, I trusted her with my life. The things she was saying… I believed them. Because why would my best friend lie to me?

The internet gives people power. They can hide behind a blank face or a made up name and it makes them feel invincible. Anonymity makes people brave.

I look back now and I see through it all. It was simply insecure people attacking others to make themselves feel big. A childish power-play designed to maim my self-confidence.

But their words can't hurt me now. I've left them all behind. I can see the future shining ahead of me, and I embrace the whiteness with open arms. I know that life isn't always pretty, and that I cannot change the past. But now, finally, I can accept these truths and move on to the next great adventure.

[JANE opens her arms wide and lifts her face upwards. The stage lights brighten and shut off at the sound of a gunshot. After a pause, they come up on ALEXIS.]

ALEXIS: [Sounding somewhat crazed and pleading.] I didn't mean for things to go this far. Truly. I was just…angry. I know that's no excuse but it's true. I was mad about getting suspended and I took it out on Jane. She was right. I should have never cheated on that test. But at that second, I was seeing red and I just… snapped.

The next day, I wanted to make her jealous. I wanted her to apologize to me, to come back on her hands and knees and beg me to let her be my best friend again. I wish I hadn't. I don't even like Brianne and Melissa, but I knew that hanging out with them would get a reaction from Jane.

But they made it worse. They thought it would be funny to tweet about her, to put everyone against her. And they're so popular. Feared and revered. So everyone just went with it. Including me…

They are the ones who made the Facebook page. They made the website. But I'm no better. Not once did I stick up for Jane, stand up to the bullies who were making her so miserable. I would walk past her in the halls and I could see the pain in her face, could tell how much I was hurting her by the way she would avoid eye contact with me as we walked past each other. But I went along with it because I was scared. Scared that if I did anything, I would be next.

I can't tell anyone how bad I feel, there are no words. The pain will haunt me for the rest of my life. But that is nothing compared to what I did to Jane.


Oh God, what have I done?


[Hysterical.] What have I done?

[ALEXIS covers her head with her arms. Blackout.]