I'm going to write the plot of all teenage romance books nowadays.

First the girl/guy moves to a new area or someone new moves to where they are. There is a moment of instant attraction be that a long stare or a fast beating heart. They at first butt heads, but something happens and then suddenly they're stuck together like glue. Annoying outgoing, not so smart best friend notices and maybe you realize she's not so dumb, but you don't really care because she's just the best friend. Anyway, you find out there is something horribly wrong in both main characters lives that somehow connects them like death, divorce, or school. They get closer maybe share a kiss and you think everything is going great, but then the main character does something stupid that pushes the other person away and they're all pathetic and sad and they pine for each other and during all this there is another love interest snooping around making even more of a mess and just when you think the main character can't get any more down in the dumps something else happens and they realize that the fight was stupid and they love each other forever even though they are just teenagers and usually still in high school.

There. Every teenage book ever written. Viola.