A cool Autumn Sunday, without any sun

You texted me to come walk with you

Waiting outside my house

With bright eyes and a warm smile

In the first block we talked of school

The second block, homework

The third, that English project

That no one has really done, but we have

In the forth block, something changed

Maybe it was the thinning clouds

Maybe it was the golden leaves spinning

But we started getting philosophical

Worn sneakers tread the concrete

As you spoke of the origin of life

Kicking along stones and old love notes

As I spoke of what can go wrong with love

It turned to a talk of whether or not

Perfection was real

I said it wasn't, you said it was

When I asked, you talked about the paranormal

The wind quickens to a small sigh

But it's the sigh of Jack Frost

I pull my hoodie close, you pull me closer

Arm tight around my shoulders

We passed the park where we met

But it was empty

The elementary schoolers are inside

Learning the torment of homework

Worn sneakers push through the sand

Chasing towards the gazebo

As drops of rained warned us to take cover

And thunder began to play a low symphony

Rain smashed against the concrete

Turning the grey to a sodden brown

Pounding the leaves into the mud

You tucked me under your arm again

We talked about the appeal of rain

The romance, the sadness, the suspense

And why every 14 year old lover

Died to have a kiss in the rain

You smiled again

Yanking me out into the storm

Thunder rumbling to a fortissimo

I almost punched you for getting me wet

You kept yanking me forwards

Into your chest

Into your arms

And kissed me

The rain didn't pound, but caressed

The wind didn't howl, but sung

As you quietly explained the appeal of the rain

Once more, and I understood