Hey no time for talk only write let your mind take in this story k peps

When you here the phrase 'your so busted!' Do you think you're in trouble? do you think you've done something bad?

well that's what I thought. so I did the only thing a smart teenager would do when they think they're in trouble, I got the math-out of there!

Oh right I havent told you who I am have I? Chadster Windolf or Chad for short or Wolf. I don't really know why people like to call me wolf but I think it has something to do with me talking to wolves cool huh?

well im pretty sure half of you are like 'what the heck am I reading?' or 'what the heck is this guy talking about?' well I guess I should start at the beginning... the way beginning... this may take a while just to let you know now...

Chapter 1

''Chadster! get your howling butt down here!'' I heard old lady barns (a.k.a my mother) yell from the bathroom.

how can she tell me to do something when she's not even prepared herself? doesn't make much sence to me but what do I know? I'm just an idiot teen. (or so they say...)

I stand up, I've been siting on the roof for two hours and my butt feels all flattened.

''Coming Mommy!'' I yell back. yeah I call her mommy got a problem with it? It's not like you havent called your mother mommy! And if you don't... I'm so sorry.

I reach the dinner table. my golden blonde hair sways in my face. " mom when can I cut my bangs?" I ask as she walks into the kitchen,

"No your bangs are your best look! I don't want you looking like your father." she says putting her houseshoes on. Man I hate how she always mentions that man. its like she wants me to remember the crazy wacko who ate shoes and peed on trees and fire hydrant.

"you can't baby me forever mother!" I hiss feeling heat radiate from my head. "I will baby you until your old enough to make your own disions but until then no cutting of your bangs!" she yells and stops off.

"WAIT WHAT ABOUT MY DINNER? MOMMY!" I yell and run for her. hey I am my own man... just not right now.