Me not talking not yet..

When the sun goes down, the moon rises and when the moon rises no good can come from the Windolf house. Lets go check it out...

Chapter 2

"So can I have my dinner now?" Its been two days and my mom hasn't come out of her room since the whole argument about bangs. sometimes I wonder if she hears my words,

"Mommy come on please come out im really hungry u havent eaten in two days!" I really only had a few stakes and a juicy hotdog but I wasnt gonna tell her that.

"Mom I will break down the door if you don't come out in 3-2-1" I was done playing this innocent game, i took a step back and ran towards the door that magically opened before i touched it. " whoa!" I screamed as i ran straight into her bed, she has a rounded bed that if you look really closely you'll see little doggy prints on,

Wait doggy prints? That can't be right we never owned a dog! "Mom?" I questioned, she wasnt in here? But my mom doesn't go outside... I looked around, "MOM!" I yelled no answer,

Where could she be? I feel a breeze spot the window wide open. What? I know she didn't go out of the window,

I started to walk up to it when suddenly there's a low growl. I jump. "H-hello?" I studder feeling unsafe what's going on? I know my mom doesn't have a dog unless she got one for me for my birthday that's 5 months away! Oh wait that doesn't make sence never mind...

I hear the growl again only its closer this time! "RRRRRR!" I look to the left then the right then up then down, "who's there?!" I ask feeling my body shake like a rag doll.

"I'm warning you I've got a..." I look around and pick up an old cane looking thing. " ... A stick! And I'm not afraid to use it!"

The thing that happened next makes me want to laugh and pee my pants. A wolf like creature the size as my fridge comes out of the wall and sits in front of me its teeth crystal white with delicate white and black fur its tail a fire color like it will burst into flames any second, "Uh heal." I manage to say. Its eyes stare into my mine it was like it was trying to decide wether or not to eat me or to have me as a chew toy.

"Hey uh can you do tricks or something?'' I ask it completely forgetting about my mother, hey I've always wanted a puppy but this will have to do until.. wait what am I saying? I gotta find my mommy!

"Uh look nevermind about the tricks can you help me find my mom?" I asked feeling stupid like a dogs gonna be able to understand me, yeah right,

Its ears perk up when I said that, "Do you know where she is?!" I ask hey im hungry and there isn't any food in the fridge at all! I need my protein right?

It barks and looks at the window, I give it a questionable look "Your joking right?" It looks at me and shakes its head, "Well can you like take me to her please?" I ask I know its wrong to want to get help for a creature that I don't even really know but can you really blame me? I'm hungry and this thing looks bored so it will be something to do right?

It whimper's at me and lays down, "So.. Do I just sit or a fair maiden position or?" I ask I was kinda nervous, hey I never road a magical wolf before ok! I'm out of practice.

I get onto its back and it stand, "Woah hold on there pal I gotta get a grip... WOAH!" It starts to run toward the window, "Hey! Are you insane we're gonna!" But I didn't finish because I suddenly felt overwhelmed to hug the wolves torso, as he jumped and we sailed out the window, I felt like I had no control over my body at all i could only see what I was doing and what I was doing was crazy, me and the and the wolf were both glowing a dark shade of purple, we were sailing through the night sky like one, me dodging trees the wolf flipping, me turning and pulling it the right way. It was like I was looking through its eyes!

"Let's go Nadarious! Faster boy!" I said feeling power convict inside of me, radiating from my skin I felt like superman on a dog awesome! Man my friends would be so jealous! As we ride I notice that I can actually understand Nadarious, Its like he's talking to me in my head. He to me his name and everything,(such a nice guy) I felt so alive! But sadly it ended when my mother came into view.

"Mom!" I yelled as Nadarious starts slowing down and eventually comes to a stop next to my mother, ok this is way to complicated for me first I find out that my mom has a wolf in her bedroom and I can actually hear its thoughts and I can connect to this wolf like we're soul mates AND that my mother is in the dark and scary woods and... and... its dark and scary!

Nadarious barks at me."What is it boy?" I ask feeling that if Nadarious is barking it's not a good sign, he barks again and starts to growl. "huh?" I ask him feeling quite confused whats wrong with him? My mother moans and starts to regain conciousness, "mom!" I yell but as quick as a lightning bolt Nadarious jumps over me as another wolf jumps out of no where and starts to bark like crazy, my body starts to quake and I start talking to Nadarious like I never had before

"Nadarious attack code AQUA-ALPHA!" I scream and run to cover my mother, Nadarious runs up to the wolf and vitiously starts to claw at it, he double barrel rolles over the the other wolf and takes its neck into its jaw and bites, the wolf howls in pain and tries to get away but Nadarious is to strong and is twice its size so the wolf exepts defeat and dies in Nadarious's jaw,

"Good boy Nadarious." I say and feel myself return to normal. "What the heck...Just happened?" I hear my mother ask as she begins to stand, she looks around and see's Nadarious and then looks at me then at Nadarious again, "Uh I can explain!" She says and I glare at her, please do,

Well next chapter will be an explanation,