My thoughts race around in a million different directions as he walks up next to me.

I know we broke up, I know that we're just good friends now, but my heart still races when I see him.

I giggle and try to say something human,

But my brain was thinking in mush as he commented on the board game that all of us were playing.

To my surprise, he sat on the couch next to me, even though his best friend was on the other side of the table.

I knew we were apart because of our hopeless future, and that I was the one that called it. And that I was "Cool with it." Yeah. Right.I ripped apart something great. And he'd been totally crushed. I knew it all, I felt it just in his presence next to me.

What has become of us? We are

good friends now, but I know we still flirt. Anyone can see that. I wish we could just get back together...

As my mind continued to fly everywhere, people started shouting my name, trying to get me to take my turn. I'd totally spaced out.

Embarrassed, I took my turn, and when I leaned back against my chair, I saw him smile at me.

It was a certain smile- one I hadn't seen in two months and 11 days, but who's counting?

It was a smile that without words, said,

"I love you, silly." I smiled it back, and before anyone else could see,

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder.