Ok, so I am back with another theatre scene! Yayy!

So in my theatre arts pre-ap class, we had to write a scene about a weekend trip. I wrote and directed this. It was horrible to write, due to the group I was in, but, under the circumstances, I think I did pretty well. I hope you enjoy this scene, and if you would like to use it for yourself, I do not mind, however, I would like to know when you do. This is my own idea, and I would like to know when it is being used. Thanks!

Happy reading.

(The board is covered in equations, there is a large equation in the middle. Sara and Natorie are standing with their backs to the board, looking nervous, clutching a notebook and a pencil. April and Kim are standing off to the side watching.)

Krista: And welcome back to the Mathbowl! While we were on commercial break, these two girls answered 25 more equations! Isn't that amazing? We are now on round 6,073, and closing in on the 9th hour. Now girls, are you ready for the hardest question in this contest?

Natorie: Ya! I got this! (turns to Sara) You are going down! I'm going to beat you!

A: (ignores Natorie, and turns to Krista) I am ready.

Krista: Ok girls, remember, this round may decide who the winner is, and you both know that the winner and three friends get to go on a long weekend adventure to a mystery location. (looks at both girls, who then nod)All right, five minutes on the clock, and GO!

(both girls turn around quick, and theatrically start to write on their paper. Natorie starts to breath heavy, and mutter under her breath.)

Sara: (After a few minutes) Got it! The answer is 69!

Krista: I am sorry, but you are… Correct! LADIES AND GENTELMEN, WE HAVE A WINNER!

Natorie: (dissolves to the floor crying.) I-I wanted to win!

Krista: (pulls some cards out of pocket) Now, please choose which card you would like.

Sara: (chooses one) I want this one. (hands it to Krista)

Krista: You and 3 friends just won, a trip through… Outer Space!

Sara: yayy! (runs over to were April and Kim are standing, were they celebrate)

Natorie: (Sobs get louder) I wanted to go to Outer Space.

Sara: (wanders over) you can come with us if you want.

Eb: Really? (Thanks!)

(set the space ship up.)

Krista: All right girls, were going to take off. (exits) (off stage) get in your chairs, and strap in. (they do so.) you are now free to unbuckle, we will be passing some planets soon

April: This is really cool. (looks around surprised.)

Kim: (goes over to the window) Look its Mars! (Everyone looks.) Did you know that Mars could have had the possibility of containing life?

Sara: that's really cool!

April: Does that mean that some crazy aliens could try to kidnap us? That would be bad.

Natorie: Why would that be bad?

Sara: Seriously?

Natorie: Ya, seriously!

Kim: well, they could hold us hostage, they might eat us, oh, the list goes on…

Natorie: Oh, (turns to April) is that why it's bad?

April: NO! I Forgot my favorite pair of shoes! I cant be abducted by some weird aliens, and not have my favorite pair of shoes, it would be a tragedy!

(all of a sudden, the girls start falling)

Kim: what's going on?

Sara: why is the ship rocking?

Natorie: (wailing) I never wanted to go to outer space!

Sara: Hay, it stopped.

Krista: (off stage) ummm, we have a problem… were getting sucked in by Jupiter's gravity! I have no control of the ship.

(the girls start panicking, running around the space ship, but Natalie stays at the window.)

Kim: Um guys… (no one answers) GUYS!

(everyone stops what their doing, and looks at her.)

Kim: There's a space ship out there. (points)

Everyone: What? (goes over and looks.)

Natorie: who's in it?

Sara: More like what's in it, look.

April: Oh My Gosh! Its an alien!(drops to her knees) please, take them! I cant be abducted! I don't have my favorite shoes!

(everyone looks at her, then looks back at the window)

Natorie: Look, they attached a rope to our space ship!

(Everyone lurches backward, April falls to the floor, since she is still on her knees.)

Sara: Their pulling us!

Kim: I think their saving us.

Sara: No, Sherlock, their pulling us further into Jupiter's Gravitational pull.

Kim: (slightly offended) well…

Krista: (offstage) Girls! Good news, were free from Jupiter!

Everyone: (cheers)

Krista: (offstage) Now, who wants some ice cream?

Everyone: Me!

Sara: wait, were are we going to get ice cream?

Krista: (offstage) Pluto of course!

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