Ok, so, in theatre class, we had to write a commercial. Most of the kids were placed with just two people, and would be speaking to the audience. We had a new kid in our class, so my partner and I asked if they could be in our scene, one to help them make friends, and two, so our scene would be more diffrent than our class mates. I hope you like it, and yes, I am aware that it is totally random. All of my scenes are that way, and I kind of like writing them that way. I hope you enjoy reading. If you want to use this one minute scene, I would like to know.


(kid is seated down-stage right, and profile to the audience. Sarah and Kate are upstage-left. Spokesperson and Inventor walks to the kid, stopping in middle stage.)

Sarah- Hi, Sara Bishop here with Feather Shoes!(holds up shoes)

Kate- my name is Kate Compass, and I created these shoes! (holds up shoes)

Kid- (pointing) Wow!

Sarah- these shoes make you as light as a feather, and allowes you to defy gravity.

Kid- man, that's cool

Sarah- how would you like to fly to school, soar to your classes, and show of to your friends?

Kate- well, now you can

Kid- Oh, my gosh, I can?

Sarah- yes that's right kids, you can!

Kid- Really? I can!

Sarah- (deadpans) Yes. You can.

Kid- Cool!

Kate- the price is 25.99, now in 42 different colors and styles at all of your local shoe stores

Kid- MOM! I need new shoes!( walks of the screen)

Kate-Side affects for these shoes are permanent gravity loss, which may led to floating into space never to be see from again

Sarah- if that happens than good luck, because we cant do any thing

Kate and Sarah-Buy these shoes now!

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