Chapter One - Turbulence

It was another busy day at the airport. People quickly bustling about and getting ready for their flights. Some were looking at their watches, talking on cell phones and Blu Tooths. It seemed as if they were talking to themselves. Some were sitting and typing away on their computers while grabbing a quick sandwich and a hot Latte. Dressed in business attire flying to their important meetings. Their luggage following them like a faithful pet. The Pilots and Stewardesses parading through the crowd with their luggage always had the right of way. It was like a parting of the seas from Moses when the Pilot and Stewardesses walked through. Little boys smiling and wishing they could be a Pilot someday. Little girls smiling and wishing they could be a Stewardess some day. What a great career. Lots of travel and you get to meet different people from all over the world. You get to travel the world and see other cultures and eat strange foods. Yes, being a Pilot or a Stewardess would be a wonderous thing."

The Medical Office was almost always busy. Between elderly falling, pregnant women fainting, teens with social anxiety and fear of flying to the little kids having a bump or cut from turbulent flights. Lorie Cavenau was the on site Nurse and was sitting having her usual cup of tea with her bagel and Nutella for breakfast.

"Incoming said the walkie talkie on the desk. We have a Pilot that hit his head during some bad turbulence on Flight 328 from New York. Male, about 30, possible Concussion. He is coherent and getting a bit sleepy. He has a bad cut on the left lobe with bruises on his face. We will probably have to send him to the hospital for stitching and observation. Clean him up and patch him up for me. Other passengers are bruised but not bad enough to bring in. Ralph out".

Got it. I'll be ready Lorie said as she assembled bandages and the first aid supplies she would need to prepare for him. About 10 minutes later the EMTs brought him in a wheelchair. He was nodding off and incoherent of where he was. There was blood flowing down his face and into his eyes. They laid him down on the examining table and she cleaned his face up and stitched the wound and the bleeding stopped. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses was playing on the radio. These people at the airport are like jungle animals sometimes he said groggily. You"re right - they are. There are the Lions who want to be in charge of everything and to be seen in their fancy suits and women in their best dresses. The Elephants that are so overweight that they practically take up two seats. The Cheetahs that run through the airport trying to not miss their flight. she said as she wiped some blood from his eye. His gorgeous blue eyes - the color of the "re right. This place can be a zoo sometimes. Married with children I suppose? he asked looking at Lorie. She was short, yet petite with medium length blonde hair and her green eyes sparkled when she looked in his. Nope. No ring so I guess I'm single. You? showing him her bare ring finger. Never found the right one. She's out there somewhere. Everyone has someone waiting for them. Their Soul Mate. Souls never die and get lonely he said sadly. Your job keeps you busy with all that travel. You"ll find her someday she said showing what he looked like with the bandage in the mirror. He was handsome with short brown hair parted on the left side with chiseled features, a cute nose and oh, those eyes. His eyes which were dilating.I do get some days off, really some time I do and he said groggily and then passed out. Lorie called the EMT on the radio and said he had passed out to come and get him. The EMT said the ambulance would be there shortly. Lorie looked at him sleeping soundly. He had a familiarity about him for some reason. Maybe she had just seen him in the Terminal before or maybe she had seen him in her dreams. She held his hand. The ambulance pulled up and they loaded him on a gurney and started to take him away.

"Wait! What hospital?"

"Glendale Memorial" the EMT said while rolling him out the door.

When she got off of work at 6 p.m., she took a bus over to the hospital to check on him. When she got there, he was sitting up watching a history program and eating his dinner.

"It's you. I never got your name" he said smiling.

"Lorie" she said sitting down next to him handing him a rainbow rose that she found in the gift shop.

"A beautiful girl with a beautiful flower. What did I do to deserve this?" he said as he carefully put the rose in a vase on another table near him.

"I didn't get your name either"

"You can call me Mitch. My name is Captain Mitchell Reed Jr. at your service. He kissed her hand like a chivalrous knight.

"Lorie Rose Cavenau. Nice to meet you Mitch. How are you feeling?"

"I got some sleep and my head hurts like the dickens, but other than that okay" he said turning off the t.v.

"I'm sorry to disturb your dinner and your program"

"The dinner is barely edible and I'd rather listen to you. Tell me more about yourself. What are your hobbies Lorie?"

" I like to read and listen to music. My favorite band is Guns and Roses. I love to walk on the beach with my cat. She doesn't act like a cat. She even swims in the water. Maybe she was raised with puppies. I rescued her at an Animal Shelter. I named her Rosy because she is a reddish orange color. I live with my Grandmother at her house. She is bedridden from breaking her hip and I take care of her when I get home. A Nurse comes in during the day while I work.

" That's interesting. I live in an apartment near the airport. I don't have a pet. But I do love the beach. Especially the sunsets. It's like watching a piece of heaven if you watch a sunset from the air in a plane

"I love sunsets too." she said looking into my eyes.

"They are making me stay overnight to clear me for my flight tomorrow. I don't know why they are making so much fuss. It was just a bump on my head and I passed out. I'll sleep tonight and be ready to go back to work I've never experienced turbulence like that before and I've been flying for five years with the airline. Guess I was just in he wrong place at the wrong time" Lorie and Mitch laughed.

"I've got to get going. I need to let the Nurse off and relieve her. Stop by the office in the morning so I can check you over and make sure you are fit to fly. Or just show me the papers they give you to clear you. "

"Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you in the morning then" Mitch said smiling.

"Get some sleep" Lorie said walking to the door.