The space of a breath between changes in life, there is

Hardly time to breathe in and out so you can grasp it all

We are always moving to get to that elusive somewhere

Constantly adapting to fit our surroundings even

If we are hardly qualified to let go of memories

Always moving on from the heartbreak, always going

To make it big, we are never content to just stay still

I am a fidgety human being, unable to stay in one place between atoms

Even for a second, moment, a blink of an eye, a heartbeat

I'm told that one day I will be moving on to college

To begin my life as an upstanding citizen

Then I will be getting a career, married, having kids

Always changing my social status in life

No rest for the wicked, the weary, or the plain old overworked

Not until the day you die and close your eyes for good

Maybe then I will stay together and be okay