A/N: Here's another story written for an English II assignment. We had a list of vocabulary words to use (which are italicized, for your convenience), and not very long to write it, so that's why it doesn't flow very well. Not my best work, but I haven't been able to update in awhile, so here it is! Enjoy :)

Looking down the ominous hallway, the woman realized she hadn't been upstairs since the incident. It seemed ironic, that this used to be their favorite part of the house. It took deft skill to climb the steep stairway, but once you reached the pinnacle you could clearly see it was worth the effort. The stately rooms seemed endless. Now that he no longer occupied them, they seemed destitute and musty. She still remembered the wonderful and horrifying events of the past year. She had acceded to marry him as soon as he made it explicit that he wouldn't take no for an answer. All throughout their relationship she had felt he could do better. He was a rich benefactor to many, yet he never brandished his opulence. His personality was comprised of chivalry and unfeigned, infallible kindness. She was diffident in showing her emotions toward him, but she always thought he knew she loved him. No one could offer her solace in the months following his premeditated death. It was still unclear who had murdered him; whoever had done it had done their job well. They extirpated all evidence and left no trace of their presence. Now she regretted how remiss she had been the time he was with her. Before he left she seemed invulnerable, now she was like a supple branch, constantly close to breaking. He had embarked on the next part of life while she was left bereft. As she plodded down these empty hallways she could no longer suppress the tears running rampant down her face.