The first thing I notice was that I was sitting on a bed in a dark room. The lights from outside shone in through the room through the half opened door. Slowly, my eyes became focus to the darkness, and I tried to make out the room. The room I was in was small and dark. Aside from the bed, all I could see was a small chest and a small table with a chair beside it near the window. It was a simply furnished room. I wondered how long had I been here.

All of a sudden, a loud sound of someone slamming hard against something could be heard clearly followed by a loud heated discussion. The sound made me nearly jumped out from my skin.

'Are you out of your mind? Why did you bring her here?' Someone snarled from the outside. There were shadows moving around, so there was not only one person here. I slowly crept out from the bed and made my way towards the door, cautious not to make a sound. The wooden floor boards creaked once beneath my weight making me cringed as I paused to hear if the people outside heard it or not.

'I have no choice, she's dying,' a stronger, calmer voice replied in response. So no one heard anything, they were too engrossed in their conversation. I took a deep breath and waded slowly towards the door. I crouched behind the door and peek out to the room outside.

Elves was the first word that entered my mind, as my hands flew to my mouth in shock. There were three people standing outside and all of them had pointed ears. The elves were thought to be extinct after the massive attack on their city central by Verdano. No elves were spared and they fought to their last blood, but finally they couldn't withstand against the immortal power of King Verdano. It was said that the whole tribe of the elves were wiped out completely, but here they were standing right in front of me. This was truly something astonishing.

'So what?' A middle aged elf spat. 'Let her die, it's none of our business, she's just a mere human.' The elf had slanting almond green eyes and long fiery red hair which reached to the waist in which he let it hang loosely. Fire could be seen clearly in the elf's eyes.

The elf was wearing a red tunic and pants, but the designs were none like any other I had lay eyes on. The shoes the elf was wearing curled up at the end of the toes and a dagger with a black handle engraved with stones and carvings was hung at the elf's belt.

There was another elf with long silver hair in which he tied his hair up into a ponytail. The elf looked younger and he wore the same of the pattern of clothes as the red hair one, but his was sky blue in color just like his eyes. There was a silver bow hanging at his back. As the elf turned his face slightly, I was left gaping at him in awe, he looked gorgeous with his elf like features. Although they all looked about the same, there was no doubt that this elf was the most attractive of them all. My heart couldn't help skip a beat.

There was another elf girl, I presumed as she wearing a green elf made dress. Her hazelnut color eyes shown fear as she stared from the red hair elf to the silver hair elf, her hands clutched together. The elf girl had brown hair which she tied them into pigtails. The girl seemed to have no weapon on her, although there was an ornament on her head which I had never saw before. The girl also had a brown pouch hanging by her waist.

'Why are you not saying anything?!' the red hair elf roared as he took a menacing step towards the silver hair elf. 'Don't think that just because the princess did that, you can do the same thing as well, Drevl!'

Drevl stared at the elf unblinkingly and said coldly, 'I certainly wasn't thinking that, Yvra. You are mistaken.' Yvra's whole face was getting redder as he heard those words, he swelled like a bullfrog in anger. All of a sudden, the front door burst open bringing in a gust of cold air and snow into the room. A robed figure stepped delicately into the room while another robed figure followed inside.

'Your highness,' Yvra spluttered as he bowed down deeply. Drevl and the elf girl did the same thing. The robed figure behind the first one hastily closed the door, and soon warm air was flooding the room once more. The first robed figure removed her hood to reveal a breath taking looking elf girl. This elf girl had smooth ivory skin, and blond hair which she had braided, she also had a pair of stunning jade color eyes.

To be continue…