Chapter One - The Awakening

It is midnight with a full silver moon guarding the lake. A great tremor comes from the lake. A geiser of multi-colored lights emerge from the center. The Lady of The Lake levitates upward wearing a blue gown. She floats to the shore. Surrounding her are twelve four year old boys with red, black and silver hair. Two other women join the circle. One wearing gold and the other green. "My sons, five of you will grow up among the Elves and learn their ways. Five of you will grow up with the Fairy World and learn their ways. Two of you will be raised by the Enchantress of The Wood. You must find your own way to master the Fire and Wind Elements." said Mother Nimue floating in the air. "I will take the five with the red hair, Lady. I will teach them how to be Elven. They will learn the way of my people and become Knights of The Light. I name them Brandon, Gerreth, Derreth, Padraig, Garth and Flynn" said Mother Nourise. " I will take the five with the raven hair, Lady. I will raise them among the Fairy Realm. They will become children of healing and light. I name them Quinn, Wynn, Jory, Hugh and Bowen said Queen Mab. "I will take the two with the silver and raven hair and teach them all of the Magic that I know. They will be Magicians of Light. I name them Malakai and Mordred" said Morgan Le Fey. The boys went with their Mothers in different directions. A sinister smile on their faces as they departed. Mother Nimue breathed into each boys mouth and they dove into the water. Queen Mab flew up into a swirl of light with her boys and Morgan Le Fey and her boys walked into the woods. Many years later the Elven Haven was bursting with activity. Celtic music played and echoed in the hills. The village was bathed in sunlight. The haven was called Solas Gra. Translated into English it meant Light and Love. Even more beautiful than the glowing village were the Elven. They had long flowing blonde or red hair and blue eyes the color of the ocean. None of them had mustaches or beards. They were all clean shaven and the women seemed to glow. They moved slowly and walked fluidly. In the Palace there were five Princes busy with their training. One was shooting arrows, one was practicing putting energy into a crystal, one was turning a dying plant into a thriving one, one was healing a sick child, and one was practicing his bow staff stances. Their Mother was sitting in the corner playing a silver harp. "I want to sail the world in a huge boat and have many adventures. Derreth said putting away his blue energy ball. "Perhaps we can help others in the process by healing the ill and giving the hopeless some encouragement. We are Light Elven brothers. Remember we are supposed to be the good guysâ Padraig said tossing the clear crystal up in the air and catching it. "Very good Padraig. You can all learn from your brother about your greater purpose in life. He is right - you are Healers and you are supposed to encourage hopeless to believe in themselves. You can save lives and be a great help to society. I will give you a ship and you can travel all you want. As long as you help others, I will give you these gifts.â Mother Nourise said walking among them seeming to float as she walked. Her long red hair flying in the breeze./c/p The Fairy World was in it' s usual hurry. Hustling and bustling Fairy people moving from one section of the village to another. Siog Namhan was hidden among the Humans in a hill of green in a land as ancient as the Earth. Contradicting human thought that fairies had wings and were small like insects. They were human sized and just moved quickly and had great energy. /c/p The Palace was made out of ferns and elephant ears. The five Knights were busy in their training with their Mother, Queen Mab. One was building a recreation room using his mind to levitate the parts, one was meditating and clearing his Chakras, one was practicing tai chi and creating energy balls, one was shrinking himself to the size of a dragonfly with his mind and then back to normal size again and the other was sharpening his sword./c/p You need to get out in the world and use your gifts to get more energy. It is a shame that you sit here day after day. Queen Mab said observing each son. "Are we being raised to be evil, Mother? What of the Humans who need energy and if we take it from them we could kill them. Is this what we have been taught our skills for? To Kill?â said Quinn standing up from his meditation pose./c/p "It is your choice my sons what you do with your skills. There is alot of evil out in the Human World and perhaps you are meant to stop it. Remember our blood is like a shining ruby to the Vampires. We must be careful, or they will take our special talents from us. Is it not our purpose to protect those who are in danger from the Vampires who crave their blood because of their ability to create and shape energy?â Queen Mab says as she walks among her sons./c/p The Human World is a vampire killing one another just because you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, killing innocent animals and fighting over pieces of land and a belief. The Earth is slowly killing itself and itâ s people with illnesses that cannot be cured. They do not understand how precious Energy is and how precious life is.â Hugh said pacing back and forth./c/p Go and walk among the Humans and observe their ways. Do what you need to do. Save them or kill them, I care not.â Queen Mab said uninterestingly walking away./c/p "Let us prepare to make our journey brothers. Let us see what is out there in the Human World" Quinn said pointing. The brothers walked the Earth among the Humans. They saw what Hugh was telling them. There were Vampires after their blood and they had to live in secrecy for many years./c/p They did have to aid those who needed it, but also had to kill those Vampires that tried to kill them. They realized that they could use their talents for good or evil depending on the situation. /c/p In the Enchanted Woods there was a house where the Enchantress and her two sons lived. They were rumored to be very magical yet evil. Their mother the Entrantress Morgan Le Fey spent day after day conjouring, learning Alchemy, and any subject up to Quantum Physics. /c/p " I am so pent up in this house. I think I 'm going insane Mother! I want to walk among the Humans!" Mordred said pacing back and forth in front of the roaring fireplace./c/p "You will someday son. It is just not time yet. You have a special time and purpose." Mother Morgan said studying some runes on the table. "These are just rocks with symbols on them! What do you know about my future? "Mordred said pushing the runes onto the floor. "Mordred! You know not to touch Mother's divination devices! All right then, I will tell you. You will bring down the greatest King England. You will kill him yet will be killed yourself. You will be reincarnated and will get your revenge in the future again. I feel your anger and loneliness. I must protect you.â Mother Morgan said picking up the runes and putting them back on the table./c/p "My destiny is to kill and then die and to live again and then get revenge? That seems a miserable existence Mother. I have great magical powers that are being wasted! I see know one, I go no where and I do nothing! This is not the existence I wish to have! I want to go out and see the Human World. I want to have some fun! I want to love a woman who understands me! I want to have happiness, Mother.â Mordred says making large leaps of flame in the fire with this mind./c/p "I want to go out and see the world too, Mother. There is so much to see and do in this world" Malakai said standing up.