A/N: wrote this awhile ago but whatever

My family has a travel agent that they've been using for some time now

The first time my family used the agent was with my grandparents

It took the guy some time but slowly and surely he got a great deal

Fortunately I wish my grandparents good luck on their journey before they left

The next time a family used the travel agent was with my Mom

She was always prone for making hash decisions and living life in the fast lane

So when my dad told me that Mom got a fantastic deal on a trip she couldn't turn down

I wasn't really surprised

But I was sad I couldn't say goodbye before she left

The most recent time anyone has used the travel agent in a while is my little cousin

Everyone thought he was a bit young to be taking this journey on his own

But he assured us he was ready

With his Mom's final approval, James was off on his trip

And we were all there to wave goodbye

I wonder who will be the next to go on a trip

I wonder what deal the travel agent will bring us next

I hope I don't get the next spontaneous trip

I've always hated airplanes

The travel agent comes and goes through all of our lives

He's feared and desired all at the same time

He sometimes gets a deal and you have no warning

And other times it's a slow process

The travel agent has no name

Has no face

Has no form

The only thing I know is that when he calls, he calls us for a trip

That will lead us to our final destination

Wherever that may be