So basically I was in Florida and I stepped on a lizard. I started wailing in front of an Outback Stakehouse and I felt like I should write a poem from the lizard's point of view :)

The Outback Steakhouse Lizard Fiasco

Crawling all around, not a care in the world

A lizard I am, with a tail that's curled

I like to hang out in the sunny Florida heat

Upon this rock I shall stand for the view is quite neat

Lost in my thoughts, loud voices I'm hearing

I glance up-Oh no! I see the end is nearing

Blackness engulfs me with one final SQUISH!

Thank Frog! I'm alive! Granted has been my wish

It appears I've been stepped on, which only hurt a bit

But I stay still as a statue, trying to avoid a fit

Suddenly a human cries out and drops to her knees

Sobs rack through her body and echo amongst the trees

Why is she so upset? It's not a big deal!

She didn't mean it! She was only here for a meal

The girl causes a scene and the crowd goes silent

My mind shouts "Run!" Gosh why am I so pliant?

I scurry away and head for the dirt

As I look back, I see her face is full of hurt

I'm so sorry for running off like that, dear friend

But just know this one thing, our friendship will never end.