Subject 666

Chapter 1.

Giving up

Sometimes I wonder, what if reality is a nightmare? Like everything that has happened is just one big nightmare. Now you guys can call me crazy, I'm not going to lie I am crazy. Like right now, I'm in an all white room staring at the blank walls that seem to pop out. My brain is going a mile a minute, and on these blank walls is my life.

Welcome to my own Nightmare… A mental institute.

"Subject 666, hasn't moved in the last hour, seems to be in her own world." That's the same thing I've been hearing for years, just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I can't hear. I'm stubborn, and my name is…I can't remember it, but I think it started with an A? I don't know, I'll keep guessing time to go through the rest of 24 letters.





"Subject seems to be lost in thought." A male says off to my left





"Subject has just moved." A female says towards my right

I mentally roll my eyes, I keep telling myself: I'm rebelling, I'm rebelling…



"Subject…No change the past hour." A voice whispers behind my head.





My brain is starting to hurt.

"Subject is showing emotion, now it is gone." A male says in front of me.





I just want to scream at them, that I'm not crazy; I just think differently.





Why would my name start with a W, an X, or a Y?


Nope that doesn't sound right.

"Subject is not responding to the tests." A male says in a hushed tone.

These people are stupid, I'm crazy not stupid.

They finally leave me in peace, well for a couple of hours.

I shift a little, trying to stretch my stiff muscles. I breathe deeply, and I close my eyes.

I visualize the blank walls before my fingertips. I touch the cool walls and color bursts from my fingertips. A small smile sneaks onto my face, as I paint the blank walls, which serves as my canvas. The painting seems to change, it was a beach, now it's a busy city at 5 o' clock. A few minutes later, the painting is a calm forest. That is what it stays until the 'doctors' burst into my room. Interrupting my private time inside my head.

They are so inconsiderate; I try not to show any facial expression. I failed at it; fine I'm done rebelling! "What's my name?" I ask in raspy voice from not being used in years. Silence follows my question, so strange. I thought they would faint…oh one doctor just did…Opps. "Well are you guys going to answer my question?" I ask in a stronger voice. "Eve." A doctor says not looking up at his notebook. My name starts with an E? I never would have guessed that.

Everyone was so still, it looked like some of him or her weren't even breathing, and he or she calls me crazy? At least I know how to breathe. Doctors…they should get used to these types of things.

"Eve what?" I ask not showing any facial expression. One doctor looks up, and his steel blue eyes stare at me. "Eve Branson." He says not breaking eye contact with me. "Doesn't the letter F come after E?" I ask, not quite understanding how my last name starts with a B. "Well, yes…but your first and last name don't have to be in order of the alphabet." Doctor 1 says, still taking notes.

"When can I leave?" I timidly ask. Doctors 2 and 3 look up in shock at my question. Doctor 1 smirks at me, "You can leave once you graduate High School." He says with that smirk still upon his face. "You start tomorrow, so get ready." Doctor 1 says.

I stare at him a few more seconds, which soon turned into minutes, and then I was staring blankly at the wall for hours. When it finally sunk in… I have to go to school…where it all begun…


~~~~~~~~School First Day~~~~~~~

I stare at the big building, trying to figure out why I didn't keep rebelling? Maybe I'm tired and want to live a normal life… Nah…

I drag my feet up the front steps and push the doors open with a quick push. I make my way into the little office, and my face is blasted with cold air. I quietly approach the desk, waiting for the person to look up. She finally looks up and we stare at each other which seems like hours, but was only a couple of minutes. "Name?" She asks in a bored tone. I dislike her right away, I don't like when people use a bored tone with me. "Branson, Eve." I say with the same bored tone as her. "You mean Eve Branson?" She asks. I nod my head at her, gosh is she a little on the short straw? She quickly shoves some papers in my hands, and shoos me out of the office. "Thanks." I say sarcastically to the closed door. "You know, doors don't talk…right?" A deep voice says from behind me. "WHAT! They talk back to me!" I exclaim as I turn around and see a guy probably around my age, except I don't know how old I am. He chuckles at me, "I'm Darren, but you can call me Darre (Pronounced like Dare.)" Darre says to me holding out his hand. I nod my head at him, and walk past him.

This should be interesting….

The end!

Of chapter!

Hope you enjoyed my slightly crazy story…