Chapter 4

Eve's Pov

I'm in my last hour class, listening to the teacher's lecture, but I don't hear a word she says. "Ms. Branson?" Someone calls, my head snaps up at my last name. "Um, my name is Eve, not Branson." I say while meeting the eye of a bull… My teacher Ms. Franklin. The class bursts out in laughter, which I don't know what is so funny. "Ms. Branson! Get out of my class! I am Ms. Franklin, not a bull!" She yells at me. I guess I called her a bull aloud. Opps…

Well she is a bull, she doesn't even like the color red, I swear she was about to charge this freshman that was wearing red one day.

I get out of my seat, smile sweetly to the teacher and when her back is turned I give her the bird. I have no respect for yelling or authority.

After that fiasco with the teacher, I was going around a corner when I smack into a moving, breathing wall. The wall chuckles as I fall on my ass. "I thought walls couldn't talk?" I ask rhetorically. "Doors don't talk, Eve I said nothing about walls." Dare says to me. I roll my eyes at him. "Ms. Franklin is a bull." I say while turning on my heel and leaving him on the ground laughing. As soon as I said that he fell to his knees laughing. The bull joke isn't even that funny. "Hey! Wait up!" He yells after me.

"I don't like you, go away." I say while walking away from him "Hey, you aren't even giving me a chance!" He yells after me.

"Chill, dude. I was kidding." I say just to please him. I turn around and see him fist pumping the air. "So friends?" He asks with a half-grin. "No." I reply and leave him standing alone in the hallway.

What a day.

A/n: this is short, sorry. This is a filler chapter really, so nothing interesting will happen until I figure out how I want it to come out.

Thanks for reading.