Well, I've done something close to this before called Tai Fighters (which should be up in I don't know). If for some reason this comes out like Warrior Cat's, don't blame me, it's coincidence since I've never read the book in my life. So um yeah, enjoy I guess. Also the story involves dogs. I may not be able to draw to save a life, I sure can write.

"Don't wonder to far now Luna." Nova said to the adventurous pup. "I won't Momma!" she called back. The little pup stared down at the bubbling brook and liked how the moonlight made it sparkle. She slowly lifted her paw and tapped the surface of the water sending ripples spreading out over the water. "Luna." Said puppy wagged her tail excitedly and bounded over to her Mom. "The Moon's stuck in the water, and I made it wiggle Mommy!" Luna buried her face into the fur of her Mother's tail then looked up at her with her Blue puppy eyes. "It's time for moon pups to go to sleep." Nova said to her. "But Momma! Can I stay up just a little bit longer? Please?" Nova chuckled. "Not tonight Luna. You need sleep to be big and strong." Luna snuggled next to Nova with a sigh. "Momma, how will I know when I'm needed or know what to do?"

"You just know."

Luna crouched down and stared at the tree stump. She sat quietly, searching for any sounds to give away the objects location.


She launched herself into the air.


Luna landed on the stump.


She jumped away with a bark.


She sent out a menacing growl.


Then she bared her teeth and attacked the stump.


She did it again but when she jumped to attack, she flew over the stump and landed in the grass with an 'oof'.


"Not again." Luna said with a sigh. "Luna." her name was said with an upset tone that Luna understood all to well. "Why can't you get it right?" North-Star asked his daughter. "I'll do better next time, I promise! I just missed the landing and kinda jumped to high. But I promise I'll do better, come on Dad." Luna gave him a sheepish smile. North-Star rolled his eyes and walked away. Luna climbed to her feet (er paws) and followed him. "Why do I have to do this anyway?" She asked him. "We've been through this already Luna. You were born under the moon. You're training so-"

"I know Dad. So I can protect the pack from future threats. You tell me a million times!"

"But you fail one million times with this knowledge."

Luna let out a defeated whimper. "Sorry Dad." she whispered. North-Star sighed then shook his head. "I swear your Mother spoiled you to much. I told her not to, now you don't know how to hunt. What are you suppose to do for food?" he mumbled as he closed his eyes. "Momma said I didn't need to hunt, that it will all come to me." Luna replied to his ramblings. "If she expected food to just come to you, your Mother must be thinking your beauty will help you in life." Luna shook her head. "Who would fall for a Blue Wolf? I know I'm different, I don't know why it's so important that I have to do this. Just because I was "born under the moon" what does that have to do with anything?!" North-Star barked to silence her. "That's enough Luna. Go back to the den with your Mother." With her tail between her legs, Luna retreated with a final glance at North-Star.

I hope that was good. It was like a practice story. Not sure if I'll continue though...