The Legend of Los

Before the birth of Los the gods were distant from man. Only interfering when they deemed fit and because of this many prayer went unanswered. It was a hard time for humans and magical beings alike. With their gods not bothering to answer simple prayers the people had no one to turn to for advice, and slowly lost faith in the gods. This led to the gods losing power and refusing to grant even more prayers. It was then that a deep root distrust and dislike formed between the two. In this never ending cycle Los was born.

Daughter of Fei, the goddess of fire and Syle the god of water, she is a contradiction. From the moment she was born she could speak fluently in several languages and often gave her mother advice on how the take care of her properly. Thus she was labeled the goddess of intelligence by the king and queen of all the gods, Lesteria the goddess of light (life), and Renfik the god of darkness (death).

As she grew Los learned more and more about the land she lived n and the world the gods were 'suppose' to watch over. The more she learned the more unsettled she became with the way things were heading. She was not the goddess Mico who controlled destiny and change so she could not see the future, but she could read the signs. Both their worlds were heading for destruction if thing continued.

She knew as well as all the other gods that they needed their people as much as they needed the gods, without the guidance of the gods the people-the humans especially- were descending into a dark area, almost as bad as when the beast plagued the land. Not only that, but the gods were suffering as well, in a fit of anger at many of his worshipers turning against him Renfik closed the gate to the human realm. Closing them off completely from their people. Many of the lesser gods now found it hard to even move without the belief of their worshipers.

Los was still young and with the feud swirling around her she was not properly introduce to the people; therefore she did not feel the pain of losing worshipers. This gave her certain privileges and freedoms that the others did not have.

While thinking of what the world was coming to her was struck with an idea, which could very well have gotten her killed if were caught. Even with her parents being part of the counsel.

In the realm of the gods there was a system of levels much like the earth; in fact their social classes were the foundation of the humans. The king and queen were on the top right below them was the counsel, made up of Fei the goddess of fire, Syle the god of water, Terst the god of air, Ket the god of earth, and Lea the goddess of magic. After them there were the advisers of the counsel, Mico the goddess of destiny and change, Sestra the goddess of the moon, and Monte the god of the sun.

Those three groups were the most powerful and they had the most worshipers. All the gods and goddess bellow them were often forgotten and looked down upon by their superiors. They were mostly the sons and daughters sometimes even grandchildren of the counsel and advisers or Lesteria and Renfik. Los was one of them and despised it greatly, so even with the risk of penalty she decided to go through with her plan hoping if she managed to pull it off she would be rewarded by being made one of the advisers at the very least.

Without hesitation Los creped out of her room one night and slipped silently toward the gates that lend to the human realm. She was almost caught by Deston a child of Renfik and Sestra who was not much older than herself, but she managed to side step him just in time.

Without any other close calls she was out the gate and heading toward the human realm. She first went to the top Telm mountains to gather some Rudne berries, a magical berries that when ingested forces the person to fallow the orders of anyone near them for several hours or even several days depending on how much they ate.

After getting a bag full of the berries she headed toward the caverns under the mountain range in search of Klej, an earth spirit with a hobby of collecting rare and beautiful gems. With her godly speed and enhanced senses she found him quicker than any human could.

"Ah Los was it? What brings you to my humble home?" Klej greeted her immediately upon her arrival to his cave.

Like all earth spirits he looked more like a moving piece of rock with a vaguely humanoid form. Unlike the some of the other spirits who liked to take insanely beautiful form in order to lead humans astray, earth spirits didn't care much for humans and didn't bother them as long as the humans left them alone in return.

Los gave him a wry smile. "Humble is not a word I would use."

It was true, piles of gems littered the floors, there was barley room to walk, and they all glowed in the torch light that lit the large cavern.

"No I suppose not." Klej chuckled

"Well anyway I'm here for a gem." Los glanced at the spirit trying to judge his reaction. It was difficult to tell due to the fact his face was literally made of stone, but Los noticed the slight sparkle in Klejs' Safire stone eyes and deduced he was amused.

"Why would I do that?" He questioned. "All of my jewels are so very precious to me. Why would I give even one away to some bratty goddess on a whim?"

Los smirked. "Bratty am I? Oh well I'll let that one slid. It's not a whim oh Great Lord of all Gems."

"Lord of all Gems?" Klej question feeling rather flattered.

"Oh Great Lord of all Gems, yes, for you truly have the most amazing collection I have ever seen. I was doubtful when I heard about it from Lord Ket, but now I see he spoke the truth. You truly deserve the title of Great Lord of all Gems." Los gestured around extravagantly.

Klej scratched at his arm in embarrassment making a loud screeching sound. "Lord Ket talked about me? Really?"

Los smiled mysteriously, without answering. Klej took that as a yes, and grinned showing off his tomb stone like teeth.

"Truly an amazing site, I will have to tell everyone I know. You will be famous throughout all of the land of gods…" She trailed of then seemed to deflate. "But there are some very skeptical immortals in the land of the gods, they won't believe me…"

"Oh." Klej looked down and shuffled his feet in disappointment, before brightening suddenly. "I know! I know!"

He ran off faster than a moving rock should be able to. "Wait a minute, okay?" He called over his shoulder.

The sound of his muttering drifted faintly toward Los as she waited.

"HERE! This one is perfect!"

He ran back to Los practically humming in excitement. "This is my best gem, when you tell everyone you can show them this as proof that you're telling the truth."

He placed a large shimmering amethyst, into her hand.

Los gashed in shock. "Oh now I could take one of you precious gems!"

"Please do, and…" He shuffled his feet nervously. "Take this one too."

He shyly place a dark blue stone in her other hand.

"It matches your eyes."

Los smiled warmly at the earth spirit.

"Thank you."

As she excited the mountains and head back up to the gates she smirked.

"That was too easy."

With the stone in hand, Los walked back to her room, in the grand castle of the gods, planning her next move. She waited until the sun rose, before picking up a vase of flowers and setting out to walk around the corridors; knowing the goddess of magic - Lea- liked to take walks early in the morning.

When Los spotted the council member, she started to sway on her feet, and stumble slightly. Los judged the distance between them, before stepping on the edge of her long dress and flying forward. The vase shattered on the floor; while the flowers and water all landed on the front of Lea.

"Oh milady, I am so sorry!" Los exclaimed, from her current position on the floor. She scrambled to her feet and bow several times, apologizing profusely.

"It's alright, Los was it?" With a wave of her hand Lea cleared away the flowers, and water from her dress. With another wave the vase was fixed; the water and flowers returned to it.

Los gashed in surprise, hiding a smirk behind a hand. "Amazing milady!"

Lea just smiled and picked up the vase for her. Los took it from her and said humbly. "Milady I'm sincerely sorry, please allow me to treat you to tea for my clumsiness."

Lea shook her head. "No, no it's okay, my dear. Nothing you should worry yourself over."

"Oh I insist milady. Beside…" Los shifted her eyes to the side shyly. "I had wanted to ask you something anyway."

The goddess look surprised, but nodded anyway. "Oh my Mico must be at work."

Los turned and beyond the other goddess to follow her. "Indeed." She murmured.

She led the kind goddess of magic, back to her rooms, and got her settled by a nice table by a grand window. Los then went over to her kitchen area in another room to prepare the tea. When she sat back down, she asked the question on her mind.

"Milady you are the goddess of magic. I was wondering if you knew the most powerful spell of forgetfulness?"

Lea looked up at her in surprise. "Now why would you want to know that?"

Los blushed and looked at the table. "Well you see, I have a crush on… well Deston, and I want to confess to him. However if he doesn't like me back I don't want it to be awkward between us…" She trailed off.

"Deston...hmm, is he's the son of Renfik and Sestra right? Well I could see why you like him, he's very hansom isn't he, even though he's a bit expressionless." She giggled. "Sure I'll tell you, I just love romances."

She whispered the spell to Los, then sat back and took a sip of her tea. Los smiled and stirred some sugar into her own tea.

"Oh my Los! This tea is amazing! What is in it, may I ask?"

Loss' smile grew, and took on a slightly mischievous look. "Really? That must be the Rudne berries."

The other goddesses face went blank for a moment, before it cleared in understanding and fear. "…"

"Yes." Los replied, and leaned forward. "Aren't they the most astounding berries ever? They are so powerful; they can even work on the gods."

Leas' face was white; her grip on the small porcelain cup was tight. With shaky hands she set the cup down. "What do you want Los?"

"Well I want your magic." Los pulled out the amethyst and set it on the table. "I need you to put as much magic in here as you can. Make it so this gem can grand any wish that could ever be imagined. Do it milady Lea."

The goddess tried to resist, but it was futile. Slowly she summoned a needle, and pricked her finger. Holding her hand over the gem, she let her blood drop onto it; as she chanted in the langue of magic. Los grinned as she felt the power in the very air. Everything was going according to plan.

Once Lea was done, Los stood up and chanted the spell of forgetfulness that Lea had taught her not ten minutes ago.

"Leave now milady, and forget that you met me today. Continue on with your walk as if nothing happened."

Los looked down at the now glowing amethyst. It was humming with magic and being within its' very presence made her want to use it for her own wants. She quickly smothered the feeling and hurried out of the castle again, gem in hand.

Once she was back on earth in the land of their people, the Sacians she realized the kingdom was on the verge of a civil war. The desert country was l of wanderers and small villages, with only one true city. The capital, Jex. However the corruption of human hearts had gotten the better of the courts, and whiles the king himself remained true; he was out numbered and thrown in the dungeon. He would be executed in a weeks' time.

The country was split, some believing that the lies of the court and want the king to die. While other remain loyal to their king. Los walked into Jex looking like a simple wanderer in dirty cloths. She made her way to the palace and down into the dungeons.

She came upon a sad sight, so many of the good people who had stood up against the court had been thrown down there to rot or be executed.

"Where is the King of Secia?" Los called out.

She was met with harsh laughter from the last cell. "The king died when his own people betrayed him."

Los walked over to the young man. "Not all of them, there are many who still remain loyal to you, milord."

He glanced up at her; his brown eyes were tired and worn. "Not enough to make a difference."

"They are planning to go to rebel against the courts."

HE sighed heavily, and put his head in his hands. "They will waste their lives; there is no hope for this country anymore."

"Have you prayed to the gods?"

This was met with the laughter of everyone in the dungeon. The King looked at her in amusement. "Girl the gods abandons us a long time ago."

Los smiled, and shifted to her true form. The dirty clothes were replaced by a shimmering blue gown and blond hair settled just below her shoulders. "Do not give up so easily, my King. I have come to help."

The people gaped in aw, at her. The King stood and bowed; speaking in a shaky voice. "Milady, I…I apologies for my rudeness. I truly thought that the gods left us…I didn't know…"

Los held up a hand and he stopped immediately. "I'm not going to lie to you, that have abandoned the land of Sacia, however I'm here to change that. My name is Los, and I am the goddess of intelligences. I come baring a gift."

She held out the amethyst for everyone to see. "It is The Gem of Laclea, and it can grant any wish."

She gave it to the King. "When you use this, only think of the people you wish to help, do not use it for evil means. In return for this gift I want you and the people of Sacia to pray to the gods once more. They need you as much as you need them. It will take time, but the gates of to the heavens will open again. Trust me."

With that she left, but before she was completely gone she saw all of the people in that dungeon kneel and begin to pray. She went back to the immortal land with a smile on her face.

The king regained his position on the throne and there was once again peace in Sacia. The first thing he did was build a temple on the palace ground for the goddess Los, after that he reopened all of the temples and sacred places.

The gods of course noticed immediately when the prayers and worshipers started again. The was a huge crowd at the gates, as all of the immortals gathered there to see what had happened in the human world to create so much of a change.

It wasn't long before Los was called before the council and king and Queen themselves. There was a long discussion on her actions. Several thought she should be punished, including Lesteria, her own mother Fei, and the god of earth Ket.

However Lea pointed out that what she did was for the better of everyone, and that she didn't really hurt anyone. She didn't get a spot with the advisers like she had wanted. The council had decided she was too unpredictable, and under handed for that.

It was for that reason that Los earn a second title, a rare occurrence, which only one before her had earned.

Los became the goddess of intelligences and…


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