A/N: I know this chapter is a bit more offensive than the others. I'm not trying to be offensive to people with epilepsy or anything like that. But the kids in this are crazy, so they act a bit inappropriate sometimes.

December 22nd - Day Three

Vivi's still in The Jacket, and I can hear her slurred, drug-induced yelling from all the way down the hall. You can almost feel the hatred, the writhing pain, the pity, as it echos about the halls. I love it here. I hate it here. I don't know what I like. I just need to be alone. Unfortunately, alone isn't an option in Crazy Camp. Even when we're running races or drawing turtles or doing anything, really, there's someone watching. Always watching, and always waiting. So we just stop doing much of anything. Like Vivi. but we can see where that got her.

Cara, Rose, and I sat on the bed playing picnic. One person starts with "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing (something that starts with the letter A)" The next person then repeats "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing (the same thing that starts with A, and a new word that begins with B)" Then you continue to go down the alphabet until you reach Z. It's a great way to pass the time in Crazy Camp. Even with the people watching, and waiting.

When we had decided to bring Assbutts, Bisexuals, Cavities, Dinosaurs, Epileptics, (the) French, Giraffes, Hell, Igloos, Jackasses, Kangaroos, Leprosy, Meningitis, Nazis, Oranges, Parasites, Quack, Robbers, and Strobe Lights, mother had decided to cut us off. Apparently it's inappropriate for us to bring strobe lights to a picnic filled with epileptics. but she didn't seem to worry about the leprosy and meningitis, and those seem to be the big problems to me. And the cavities. Nobody likes cavities. I hate them. I've only had one but I wasn't allowed any anesthesia when I got it removed because it would meddle with my medication at Crazy Camp, mother said. But it hurt. So I hate them.

That's pretty much all that happened. Though we pretend like we're alright with it, it's killing us to be without Vivi. She's like second mother. Then again, not all of us have a mother. So I suppose she would just be mother to Manny and Rose. At least Rose has me. Manny has nobody. I would befriend Manny, but she's taking it hard. Vivi and Manny are like Rose and Cara and I: Real close. So I don't want to say something that would make it worse and send her off. It would be awful to see both Vivi and Manny snap at the same time.

I still can't wait until Christmas. The only thing I really want badly is for Vivi to be out of The Jacket and for everyone to just be able to be okay enough to go home. But, you know, a tube of nail polish or candy canes would be nice, too.