December 25th - Day 6

I can't say it's the best Christmas ever, but it sure beats last year. We all exchanged cards and sang carols and played the Christmas Dinner Game, which is similar to the picnic game but you have to bring Christmas related things. it was a lot of fun, until mother made us stop because we were getting 'too rowdy' and 'insensitive'. I really hate her sometimes, mother, I mean. She never lets us have any fun.

Oh, but today, Nurse handed out treat baskets full of candy canes and lollies and all great, cavity-inducing sweets. I really detest cavities, so I'll have to brush extra hard today. The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes I don't know when to stop brushing, so my gums bleed and Nurse has to give me stabilizers. Whatever, if I get a cavity, I might not even be mad at all. (Yes, I will.)

Mother even whipped out my old Ukulele and we sang and played until our throats were dry and out hands were raw. Christmas is the day where we can be kids, where we can shout and giggle and call out without anyone worrying that we're having some sort of spell. We don't have to be medicated when we yell or get overly excited, because it's Christmas. I can believe I ever hated playing that Ukulele. What I would give for me to be my old self, and be able to go to a Ukulele lesson every Wednesday afternoon with Ms. Shnapps. But it's no use crying over a memory, good or bad.

Between the candy and the music and the laughter, I have to say today was one of those beautiful days where I can just look around and think, I'm happy that I'm alive. Plus, Vivi's out of The Jacket, even if she's not allowed in the same room as us for a few days. She was made to apologize to us for her outburst, but we forgive her. We always forgive her. Forgiving is really the only option here, because to hold a grudge over such things is to get transferred to a room with girls you don't know. I hate to say it, but no amount of medicine can fix her crazy when those voices in her head go off. And she's only a year older than us. Who knows where all of us will be in a year or two. Hopefully we'll be better off than Vivi is today.

It doesn't matter to me if I couldn't give Vivi one of my special Christmas hugs, because she got to read her card while she was conscience of what it said and we got to talk to her. I can sleep happy tonight, knowing that nothing bad will happen to me because if Vivi's out of The Jacket, there must be angel watching over us out there. Goodnight. And Merry Christmas to all of you.