The Sage

The Sage was a being that was once human. He was the greatest mage in the world, he loved to learn and used his knowledge for the good of all people, and because of this the gods offered him the knowledge of the world for which even Los did not possess. Despite Mico, the goddess of destinies, warning the gods bestowed it upon him after he accepted with great excitement The knowledge was everything that was, is and will be and had previously been sealed away because of the danger it presented in the hands of evil. The secrets of the world were his, but he was still only human and its sheer magnitude eventually drove him insane.

He went to the land of the gods and begged them to take the knowledge back with what little sanity he had left, but they could not. What has been given cannot be taken back. All they could do was seal the power into the back of his mind in order to give him some relief. However, it was still there and still caused him pain. Lesteria, the goddess of life, was so remorseful of the outcome of what was meant to be a great gift that she offered him home in their land, until he died, just in case the seal were to ever break and cause him to destroy everything dear to him.

Not much is known about his time in the land of the gods. It's said in some legends that his seal broke once and he died the same day. The circumstances of his death are unknown, along with the reason as to why his seal broke.

Some say he was trying to defeat an evil that was plunging the world into darkness, and the only way he could ever hope to defeat it was to release it. Others say he witnessed the death of his love and was overcome by his emotions.

Out of all the stories one thing is certain, every thousand years he is to be reborn, after all knowledge is not something that can be easily destroyed, and The Sage holds the knowledge of the world…

I'm feeling slightly successful today. I managed to post two completed stories, that I found on my computer. Haha I wonder what else I'll find...Anyway this is in the same story line/world as The Legend of Los just in case anyone was wondering. It just occurs many many years after it when the bond between the humans and gods has been mended and strong for a while.