Can you feel it?

Can you feel the burn?

Pain and pleasure

Why look so concerned?

Its only damnation

The payment for your sin

Suffering eternally

Inside the darkness within

Can you hear it?

Can you hear the screams?

Wicked souls whispering

That nothings as it seems

The insults of whores

And the lies of the thieves

Come relish in this place

Where the corruption breeds

Gaze upon this sight

Take a look and see

The demons that reside

Never again to be free

Don't close your eyes

Trying to clench them shut

At sights of the damned

Lacerated with cuts

And the smells!

What a wonderful scent

Of bodies decaying

Their last cries spent

Sulfer, and sin

Burning hand in hand

As ashes float up

Remains of the damned

Rejoice! You have fallen

Down to bent, broken knee

Within the darkest pit

You shall never be free

Welcome to hell my friend

Welcome to eternal pain

You played around in life

But now you play our game.