"anything could happen" by ellie goulding (i'm listening to the glee version).


i. "... stripped to the waist, we fall into the river..."

my pride has run dry
under this unbearable heat,
for i have learned your secret
and let you fall out of my grasp.


ii. "... cover your eyes, so you don't know the secret..."

my emotions are folded in the spaces of my limbs
all for his counting
as long as he holds his breath
closes his eyes
not say a word
when i kiss him today.


iii. "...on the wreck of '86, that was the year i knew the panic was over..."

exhaustion has him by every muscles
but at least throw me a smile
when it's all done and over,
won't you?


iv. "... after the war we said we'd fight together, i guess we thought that's just what humans do..."

i promise him my loyalty
link my fingers - mutter the vows
and as long as he could stand that strong,
i'll be where he wants me to be.


v. "...i'll give you everything you need but I don't think I need you..."

up and running
hands shaking
heart's beating
it was fun
but we have to go.



i'll take the war in your head
and keep it while i can -
after all,
anything could happen right?