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The woman sobbed quietly as she cradled her baby close. She briefly looked at the destruction around her before returning her gaze to the crying child in her arms. How the man she'd loved, the man she'd been married to, could've done this to her was beyond her comprehension.

Ever since she had told him she was pregnant he had become distant and angry; it only got worse as she progressed through it. Eventually their child had been born and he had snapped within two weeks. Now the ruins of the nursery were still smouldering slightly as was the rest of the house. He had destroyed everything she'd worked so hard to keep together.

Slowly the woman returned to her feet and placed a small kiss on the child's forehead before she slowly walked onto the grass of the front yard. "He won't see you again, not now, not ever, he won't hurt us anymore; and that's a promise, okay?"