Broken, I am shaken beyond words.

Life is tough, it is a diamond in the rough.

Deserted lifestyle, what could've should've

would've been haunts and taunts me. Living

on the edge, I set the world's stage on fire.

Where has all the love and desire for Jesus

gone to? I hide my emotional pain behind

a smile. I don't feel like walking another

mile. All I want to do is die so go ahead

and hug me goodbye. I wonder if you

can hear my heart speak or read my

mind in this blissful silence and darkness?

Please forgive me if I don't stay here for

a while. I am as weak as a newborn baby

in your presence. You offer me a kiss of life,

encouragement. Disappointment

erases that pretty smile you love

off my face once again. Rain reign over

me until I can find a way to heal my soul.