Haha, I wrote this in 25 minutes, brainstorming & pre-writing included.

Half finished, I'm not sure when I'll pick up my pen and continue this thing, whupsies.

So..um. Also submitted for my own sanity, else someone (coughcoughcough) would come and haunt me from the grave. Well. So, (youwhoIshallnotname) here's your extra "0.5" piece of writing. (that page better be unbookmarked. -3-)

Have fun reading, if at all.

Dear - administrative staff,

A certain rule concerning not wearing any type of offensive sloganed t-shirts has been brought to my attention, and what I think is that a few modifications could be made. To start, i'd like to ask you a question. What exactly does 'offensive images or slogans' entail? What exactly is crossing the line, from appropriate to inappropriate? Also very important, exactly who decides this matter? I'd like this certain rule to be changed or modified a bit, for it to be more flexible, because everyone has a different standard for what offensive is and is not, some might like a certain clothing style, but others may think that it is 'offensive and crude', and that the images might be representing something that doesn't mean any harm.

Firstly, the standards everyone sets for themselves. To one person, offensive might mean something violently graphic or bloody, while to another, offensive is anything that has blood (even a drop or small splatter) or contains images of animals (which include, but isn't limited to, tigers, sharks, or snakes). If everyone has differing opinions, where should the limit be set? If we go by what only one teacher/student thinks, it may clash with another, because the limits humans set for themselves are quite different. We shouldn't only abide by one person's wishes, but take into consideration every person's opinion.

Next of all, style and 'culture'. Once again, I am referring to people and their opinions. A style that one student has will be completely unique and different from the next student's, and because of that, people's opinion's will once again clash. If I ask you to define 'rock music' or 'punk rock', your thoughts would probably go down the trail of 'gore, blood, screamo, various cuss words, and plain out people with tattoos screaming their heads off'. That isn't necessarily true, for it is a stereotype. Rock music doesn't necessarily need screaming, cuss words, or heavy metal-like music. Their album covers & band titles don't need to show blood and gore, but rock can be mild and 'soothing', as some say. So I will ask you once more, what counts as offensive, what doesn't?