Time: 45 minutes, brainstorming & pre-writing included.

So, once again, an essay written. This time though, the prompt being 'If you could change one thing, what would it be?'. I think that this piece wasn't supposed to come out as (kind of) serious as it was, but well, I thought, well, if not (the typical) family or school, why not give 'government' a shot?

(So, here's promised "literature" #2.) Enjoy~


Government, another word for politics, and politics, another word for deception. For years, people have been talking about government and how they would like to reform it, change it, make it better. To change the government, to focus on something other than money and power, is what i'd like to change in this world. What I think should be changed and added into the government includes the term 'noblesse oblige', a system, and a question (to ask or be asked, now, is another matter altogether).

Firstly, the term 'Noblesse Oblige'. Noblesse Oblige is the responsibility nobles have towards their vassals. If we took the nobles and replaced them with the officials and politicians, the vassals, with the citizens and middle classed people, and there's step one in change in government. Often, politicians and officials of high and low rank want power, money, and higher class than they already have, and it turns into a cycle that never ends. If the government stopped coveting for money and power and focused more on the citizens (which is what they're here for), then the government would be a much less ugly and greedy place.

Secondly, a system needs to be "formed", because democracy, communism, all forms and different types of government are somehow chaotic in the scramble for power. When a system is developed and people stopped focusing more on themselves, but transfer that focus onto other people who need their help, the world would benefit. A system where the focus is on what needs to be done, and then using the money left over for problems that are less important or do not require immediate attention. I'm not talking about a utopia where everyone walks hand in hand, smiling, but at least it's one step forward, not one step back.

Thirdly, an interesting question to ask the people. Words hold and have power, so if we can utilize them correctly, they can change the world. If the government changed it's "advertisements" about the environment and about "vote for me, not him, because i'm the best!" and started asking what the citizens thought, then we would actually go somewhere, instead of in circles. For example, if I asked "Hello, let's change the world by giving me money, and all you have to do is give me some money. I just need money, so if you'll hand over the money, that would be great!" you'd probably just stare at me like I was demented and decline (politely, of course). Now, if I rephrased my words into "Hello. My goal is to make a difference in the world, and if you'd be willing to help me, i'd be grateful. What will I do to make a change? Well, that's a great question..." you'd be more inclined to help me, don't you think? Also, what would help would be if you felt like you could understand what I was doing, that I was down-to-earth, not arrogant and selfish. If you apply the same logic to the government and if the politicians looked at something other than their own reflection, then the newly changed government would be much more pleasant.

In conclusion, if I could change something in the world, it would be the government. I chose the government because I feel that some problems that we have start from the government. I'm not planning on reforming the whole system, but if the officials changed just three things, then the change that I planned on making would work out like it was supposed to. The three things that I hope the government could change are if the politicians, the officials, and the representatives of our country could understand and physically do the act "Noblesse Oblige", be more selfless and form a system that focuses on all of the citizens, and to care and ask what the citizens think. What I hope is when the government changes, the country will also change, and as the world follows in it's footsteps, it'll leave us a little better and a little brighter than we originally were.

You'll notice that my essay actually is quite vague. It does not specifically point out anything, really, except that there should be a system, which, once again, I do not specify as to what kind. I was in a tight time limit, so I hope it was satisfactory.

"Live long and prosper."

Peace out, dude/dudettes.