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You can't turn ashes into flames

"Hey, 'Rian?"

"Hmm? What is it, mia cara?"

"What does it mean, that you can't turn ashes into flames?"

"Mm...I wonder..."

"'Rian! I'm trying to be serious here! Don't tease me."

A ruffle of hair.

"You're so cute."

"'Rian. 'Rian!"

"What?! Did something happen?!" a girl with long raven locks sat up abruptly and looked around wildly. A boy with slightly spiked black hair leaned back in his chair and looked at her amusedly.

"You were mumbling in your sleep, so I woke you up. Speaking of sleep, 'Rian, you're taking a nap, of all things, in the middle of winter, wearing just a tank top...it's the 21st Century, for goodness sakes, I know girls your age have no shame, but a tank top in winter?!" Adriane just shrugged and smiled sleepily.

"You know, Drake, in places like South America, it's summer."

"But this is England, not South America. This is London, where people on occasion freeze to death." Adriane chuckled and laughed carefreely while Drake fretted endlessly without reason over her attire. She eventually told Drake to kindly 'hush, dearest brother' and went to her room to finish her nap in peace. She walked up the stairs, but her vision blurred and she stumbled a bit. Her hand flew to her head and she gave a quiet groan. Ignoring it completely, she shook her head furiously and waved it off as nothing.

Drake was reading the newspaper when the front door creaked open to reveal a boy with shaggy blonde hair. He grinned roguishly before standing up to hug the newcomer.

"Lucian! Welcome back! 'Rian's been waiting for you all day, you should go surprise her." Lucian's smile turned nervous at the mention of his other half. He gave Drake an awkward smile and nodded a bit. Drake furrowed his brow and took a step back to examine Lucian's posture. His gaze darkened.

"You aren't planning on breaking up with her, are you?! If you are, I swear i'll-" Lucian hurriedly shook his head, signaling that he wasn't planning on breaking up with Adriane. He pulled out a box and fiddled with it a bit before slowly opening it. Drake's eyes widened and he stared at the delicately crafted ring like he'd never seen one before. "Oh man, you had me worried for a second there, bro."

"What is it...?" Adriane had been sleeping peacefully before being woken up by her loudmouth brother (and the alarm that she had set up earlier, but that wasn't important). She shuffled zombie-like across the room before finally rubbing her eyes sleepily to see what Drake was currently squealing about.

Her hand flew to her mouth and she suppressed a shriek of delight. She rushed forward and hugged Lucian tightly, smiling happily all the while. She pulled back and motioned to her watch regretfully, telling Lucian and Drake she had a appointment to go to, but she'd be back in time for dinner. Lucian smiled and nodded, while Drake just waved her off. She nodded, kissed Lucian on the cheek, and walked out the door.

As she drove along, Adriane's head started to hurt like crazy, so she turned up the radio to try to tune out the pounding in her head. She pulled up in front of a clinic. Adriane opened the door and walked over to the reception office.

"Hi, i'm here for the 5 o'clock appointment with Dr. Smith."

"Please take a seat. Dr. Smith will be with you shortly."

"Alright, thank yo-" Adriane never finished her sentence. Her vision blurred and she felt the world tilt sideways, and then all turned black.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound of the heart monitor in the hospital was the sound that Adriane woke to. She looked around and saw no one in the room. She just stared at the ceiling and counted the tiles, then the patterns in the tiles until someone came. The nurse came walking in, and when she saw Adriane awake, her clipboard clattered to the floor. Adriane weakly called out for her to wait. The nurse ignored her and raced down the hallway, calling for a doctor.

"Alright, thank you very much." Adriane smiled at the doctor and once more assured him that yes, she felt perfectly fine, and no, she wasn't feeling too stressed or tired. She smiled sadly when she learned that she had an incurable form of cancer, but it quickly vanished when the nurse brought her pen and paper as she requested.

She looked out the window for a moment, where she could see the cars driving by the hospital. For a while, she thought back on her life, and she wondered if she really lived a life she had wanted. After a moment of thought, she knew that yes, she could die without regrets, because she felt that each and every moment she experienced was totally worth it.

Smiling a brilliant smile, she picked up the pen with a shaking hand and began to write. Adriane just chose not the notice the tears dripping onto the paper.

Dear Drake,

I'm probably in heaven right now, but don't you dare cry because I am, you know I hate tears. Smile and be happy instead.

I want to ask something. Do you remember the little girl we used to babysit during our summer? Her name was Cara, and we used to call her 'Mia Cara' (my dear) in Italian. I remember you saying you'd only babysit her because you wanted the newest G.I. Joe figurine, but you'd always come running in panic when Cara started crying.

Cara once asked me a question, and somehow, I remember that one conversation clearly, even though her face and everything else is blurred. She asked me what the phrase 'you can't turn ashes into flames' meant. I told her that it represented life. The quote itself is quite a sad and painful one, if you think of it like this, in a positive way, this quote seems so much more tragically beautiful. (And I know i'm a sucker for things like tragedy-romance things, hush.)

Even though we turn into ash in the end, our lives are like the flame. Burning so bright and so clearly, we are strong and as long as you can live without regrets, we can go down burning brightly and beautifully. Even though our physical flame might die out, our soul and spirit will never fade, and will forever burn strongly. So don't cry, Drake. I'm always here, beside you. So don't cry, okay?

Don't cry.



Dear Lucian,

Hello, dear.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for not coming back home that night to eat dinner with you and Drake. I'm sorry for not telling you about my suspicions about my illness. I'm sorry for leaving you early, even though we promised we'd be together forever and live in a lilac purple colored house (I still don't get why you insist on pale blue, purple is so much better) with a white picket fence, and a swing on a tree in our front yard. I'm sorry I can't grow old with you and that you can't push me along the swings near that park we always go to.

Do you remember that park? It was where you first asked me out on a date. I found your stuttering so adorable, I never got to tell you that. There are a lot of things, now that I think back on it, that I didn't get the chance to tell you. I never got to tell you how excited I was before our first date, how many hours I spent choosing an outfit. I never got to tell you that I missed you every time you went away for work.

I never got to tell you how much I loved you.

I love you so much it scares me. I love the way you rake your hands through your hair when you grow frustrated. I love the way you never fail to make me laugh.

I love you, Lucian Evans. So much it hurts.

So don't cry, big boy. Heroes don't cry. And you, Lucian, are my hero.

I will always love you.

Forever yours,


"Can you lift me up? Turn the ashes into flame

And I have overcome, More than words can even say..."

-Kate Voegele