Ciron was busy performing some of his amazing illusions once again wowing the crowd. They clapped and cheered after the conclusion of each fete. He was very popular with The Elite. I had to break away and find a place to rest.

I am feeling quite unusual and have to sit down out on this balcony to catch my breath. The view of the city is mesmerizing. There are different types of buildings that are lighted up with walkways and glass elevators adjoining each level. Beyond Hope, I can see icy floes that have captured ships and buildings. I am starting to shiver from the cold. It is getting late and my time device is flashing Sleep Cycle. I am even starting to shiver from the cold. I just heard over the intercom that the last dance is being called. Perhaps Ciron forgot about me.

However, as that thought entered my mind, Ciron appeared next to me, draped a dark Purple cloak over me while taking my hand and leading me to the multi-colored lighted dance floor inside. The Robot Orchestra played a beautiful waltz and we began to dance. My head was spinning and it seemed as if we were completely alone. I mentally blocked out the crowd around us. I just focused on looking in his eyes and he lead quite well. Ciron was light on his feet and very easy to follow. By the middle of the piece, the music changed to more Celtic sounding music and we held each other closer. We did not even realize that the crowd was cheering and pointing to us. They realized that we were dancing three feet up in the air. At the last note of the song we magically teleported back to his loft.