It is not easy being yourself at times. Sometimes it seems that you don't understand yourself and others. It is times like this that you realize just how very lonely you are. Until you meet the person who comes into your life and changes it and you.

Looking out at the world begins to be more vivid and you realize that there are small details that make up the whole. A flower is not just a flower anymore. It is a species of flower with a color, smell, texture and presence all it's own. This is the way you look at things when you are lonely and in love.

Yes, love-the same old feeling that millions have felt for eternities. Missing the companionship of someone that you care for very deeply in every way. Seeing life in a way with and without them-the same. More romantically, more detailed and with more passion.

Knowing since you met them that you have changed and that you know it is for the better. Dreaming about them at night and thinking about them during the day. When you are stressed and unhappy, closing your eyes and just seeing their smiling face sets everything right once more. Feeling a connection with this person you have never felt before. That even though you are not actually together, that they are thinking of you and feeling the same way and experiencing the same visions in life. There exists some cosmic, unexplainable connection between you that cannot be denied.

In Astral dreams you have spent countless hours together. You experience nightly vision of the two of you talking, laughing, loving and understanding each other. Sometimes looking like yourselves, sometimes not, but the feelings and sensations are always the same. Water feels wet and warm, the grass beneath your feet and yields to your powerful steps. Kisses are sweet and the sun is warm on your face. If you are in battle, and you are pierced by a sword, you feel pain and you even feel your death. The visions are like movies that you live each part as reality, yet, each time you awake, you are well and untouched. Whether you are experiencing premonitions, vivid nightmares, or past lives, they are definately a reflection of you.

When you do finally see this special person in person, if only for a brief time, you both have a feeling of security and deep love. It is hard to really look into one another's eyes

because you become lost and completely disoriented; yet fascinated. You understand that if you can't look into their eyes you will not be whole. This person seems to complete you. You are not your complete self without their voice, their touch, or their overall presence in your life. Sometimes their eyes are a different color than your remember. Remember, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so you will feel a strong pull towards them like gravity when you look at them. If you are both very magical, it is even possible for your eyes to change to your soul's color when you look at your soul mate. This is the ultimate connection. Love is magic.

You think about what they are doing at the moment of missing them pops into your head. You close your eyes and see them sitting at a window looking out at the moon that you are looking at also. You can almost feel them brush your cheek with their kiss and you feel like have been hugged. You wonder if they see you at times when you write about them in your journal or call out their name.

You have found them - your soul mate once again and this is your Second Chance