Angular Shadows

Beam of light peaking through reflections

Cheerfully dancing over the walls and floors

Dipping to and fro in solar refractions

Every light building a tapestry of wonder

Fairylike flits of gold and silver

Gathering at certain points and then dispersing

Hiding in corners and cracks and then reappearing

Idly forming circles of synchronistic power

Just as it begins to rain and the dance ceases

Kindly replaced by shadows of raindrops instead

Like a dreary gray curtain with sound effects

Mastering the sound of light hoofbeats on the roof

Neverending pattering on the windows

Out comes the sun again and the joy returns

Prisms of multi-colors reappear

Quitely returning in their silent dance

Reeling in patterns of kaleidoscope

Shimmering images in bright welcome

The changing colors made me smile

Undeniably I will be sad when the sun goes down

Violets, golds, silvers, greens and yellows

Will be departing and resting for the night

Xtras will be arriving when the moonbeams shine

Yellow and silver moonbeams will dance

Zigzagging across the walls again