Silly old pipe dreams give me false hope.

Easily broken, these promises are roses

worth throwing away everyday. Heartbreak

cuts so smoothly into my chest. Doubt takes

the best of me everytime. I don't have a locket

nor a dime in my pocket but only a rosary. I am

dying slowly, why can't this pain end any quickly?

Living without a purpose, I always have something

to lose in the end. My home in a foreign land, my

best friend death offers me a hand to hold. Living,

whats the point? really. Feeling less strong, I pause

and reflect upon wherever I went wrong in my life.

Torn asunder, I cry and then surrender. I try to

breathe again, but the words still won't come.

Stumbling, faith walks on a very tight rope.

I don't know if I can cope with another

year of life. Jubilee overcomes the

night and daylight awakens my soul.