The trees made a perfect arch cradling the grotto disabling the intrusion of the sunlight. A mist filled the air and the pool reflected the darting colorful fish below. Flowers were in bloom in many colors and the birds, butterflies and dragonflies were in abundance. In the distance was the sounc of a gentle waterfall guarding the entrance to The Crystal Cave. Plush greenery and fully branched trees made this a truly enchanted realm.

In the grotto to rest and partake of the inviting water was a lad of no more than seventeen summers. He had been traveling for many days to return to his clan. The important message that he had delivered to King Arthur at Camelot had given him his first glimpse of the Knights and the Round Table. Persival of Wales as he was called, had always wanted to be of service to the King since he was a small lad. Limited to being a messenger and never actually partaking of any sport or hunt made him very inquisitive about the life of a Knight. With his jet black hair and moustache, he looked older than he actually was which was to an advantage. He had hoped stopping here in this enchanted place that he might be able to speak with Myrddin.

Myrddin was a very wise man who lived in The Crystal Cave with his lovely wife Nimue. Myrddin was a Druid and also a powerful Wizard. Persival had spent some time with him as a lad and had learned many things. Bravery came from the inside of the heart and that being fearless made him a true contender for a Knight's Apprentice. He could not do the wonderous feats of magic like Myrddin, yet he did have visions and dreams that came to pass, could Empath illness and pain into inamimate objects such as stones and crystals, smell and taste things that he did not touch, see the veil of death and hear the wail of the Banshee when someone died. This was a blessing, yet also a curse to him.

As he cupped water in his hands and splashed some on his face, a movement in the distance caught the corner of his eye. Through the mist he could see faintly a figure of a girl in a long flowing white dress. She seemed to be floating as she walked. He had never seen such a beautiful sight. She had long curly red hair and had a ring of Heather on her head like a halo. He gasped for breath and stood up as she walked over the arched bridge towards him.