When you live in a World of Magic and Illusion, you seem to see, feel and hear things differently.

There is more detail to the normal things in life. More clarity, more depth, and more purpose.

There is an aura about objects that give them a life of their own. When you look into a flame of a
candle or a roaring fireplace you see Salamanders and Fire Newts pouring out of the flame.

you look up in the sky you see not clouds, yet visions of things past and things to come.

You find that you are closer to nature and animals, and that when you have dreams, they may
even come true.

Sometimes you have strong feelings of Deja Vu about places that you go or have

When you think or believe with all of your heart that something is going to happen in your life,

sometimes it actually does. Your heart skips a beat and you cannot breathe when you look in their
eyes when you are around your Soul Mate.

When you make love it is always like the first time
from many years ago.

You sometimes feel as if something has brushed your cheek and a feeling of happiness and
positive vibes hits you.

Out of the corner of your eye at night you sometimes see a golden flicker
or flash of light. You may hear tiny bells ringing in a gentle breeze.

You may see patches of green
clover spring up around your garden or yard around Saint Patrick's Day. Birds, cats, dogs,
dragonflies and butterflies seem to flock to you when you are outside.

When you look into a pool of water, you may see a vision or ripples of water of the Undines.

When you touch a tree, you feel energized and renewed. When you see a tree that has been cut
down or diseased, you feel sad for it. You feel sad about picking flowers.

You would rather leave
them undisturbed in the ground.

If a flower is created magically than it is allowed to be given by
The Fairies.

If you are disturbed and upset about something watching a swaying tree calms you down.

seems to center you and calm you as well.

The happiest thing that you remember is when a
butterfly lights on your finger and you feel connected with it and can seemingly hear it's thoughts
in a tiny voice in your head.

Sometimes your eyes change color by your mood or even a mood ring that you wear.

You can tell
by looking into someone's eyes if they have an elder soul or not.

Sometimes on Full Moon nights,
you can close your eyes, stand on your tiptoes and feel that you could levitate upward a foot and
back down.

Yes living in a World of Magic and Illusion is an interesting thing.

This is my life and this is my story.