He came to me manifested from a dream into my life.
Stealing away my heart with his wit and charm.
Taking away my strife with a kind word.
Letting me know I was safe now and away from any harm.

A pleasant familiarity we have like long lost loves reuniting from above.
Knowing just what the other is thinking or feeling.
Letting nothing come between us in our unconditional love.
Our souls intertwining like two serpents balancing and healing.

Astrally loving each night and remembering in the day.
Waiting for the right time to finally meet face to face.
Knowing come what may, no matter what comes our way.
That holding one another will be a time of melding dreams and space.

That long awaited kiss will be so passionate that our heads will spin.
The love we have known and know now again will fill us with great desire.
We will know what will be and what has been will kindle our everlasting fire.

Together forever - soul mates