Halls that were lined with ebony and gold
The sound of laughter echoing like a haunting melodie
Torches warming the castle from the cold
Rooms and finery as far as the eye can see.

This is Camelot. The home of the great King Arthur and his Knights
Where the Round Table waits for meetings and strategies to be planned
Where sparring practice looked like real fights
And all posts are continually manned.

In walks Lady Guinevere with her ladies in waiting
Looking strikingly beautiful as Arthur greets her with a kiss
For this is a day for endless celebrating
Their wedding day was one not to miss.

The church was decorated with hundreds of golden candles, white roses and laurel
Everyone was dressed in their finery -the servants as well
For the day, no soul was to bicker or quarrel
This was going to be a enchanting story to tell.

Guinevere in her flowing white gown and silver veil
Looked as if she was floating as she walked the aisle
Arthur waiting for at the altar looked beaming yet pale
Nervously managed to put on a loving smile.

Their hands were tied with silver cord as they said their vows
Goblets of wine they drank and toasted their new life.
The people applauded and gave them deep bows
As they walked past them as husband and wife.