As I walk through the city of Hope

I see that the people are looking through me

I look to the left and I see frowning faces

I look to the right and see cybots dancing

I feel that I'm invisible

Whoo hoo hoo hoo

I might as well be a ghost

Whoo hoo hoo hoo

Hey you in front of me

Stop inhaling those sticks

They will shorten your life

They will bother everyone

Hey you with those bottles in your hand

You will ruin your body

You will sabotage your life

It's not the way to solve your problems

Hey you with those pills in your hand

That is not candy

Tripping is not the way to fly

Life is reality that you can handle

I might as well be invisible

Whoo hoo hoo hoo

I try to touch you and reach out

Whoo hoo hoo hoo

Can you see, hear or touch me

Can you let me heal you

Can you change?

Throw away those fire sticks, booze and pills

Follow me to Rehab and a better way

Live a good righteous life

Be happy and live longer than you ever dreamed

You are no longer invisible

Whoo hoo hoo hoo

You matter and have hope

Whoo hoo hoo hoo