The inside of the room was covered in silver, like a giant mirror. Kurai turned around to look back at the hole they had rolled through. It had completely repaired itself but left the debris on the floor. It was as if it had grown a new layer of wall, almost as if it were alive and simply made new skin. The girl looked nervously around, they were alone surrounded by pillars and walls covered in mirrors. "How are we going to navigate through this?"

"Break them all?"

"I don't think that'll be possible. We're dealing with a genius. They're probably invincible or they move or something."

"So man eating mirrors...Sounds fun." Akarui picked up a silver shard and threw it at the mirror in front of him. Instead of bouncing off, it went through it, shooting out the mirror behind him and whacking him in the head. "Ouch... portals?"

"Sounds 'bout right," Kurai winked at the boy and jumped through a portal, tumbling out of a mirror across the room.

"That was stupid. What if you'd come flying out of the ones on the ceiling and got hurt?"

"Not possible, that would mean that we would fall through the mirrors on the floor and out of the ones on the ceiling. We'd never stop. Obviously we aren't doing that."

"Maybe the floor is 'mirror-like' and just a floor?" the boy picked up a shattered piece of mirror and tossed it at the ceiling and it clattered noisily to the floor again. "So how about we just start running through all the portals at the same time and see what happens?"

"Sounds like a plan," the girl ran through another portal and was thrown out halfway across the room, she turned around to see that the mirror now had a bluish tint, "Hey look at that!"

"Color coded?" as the boy spoke the girl shot back through the mirror. It returned to its normal color, "So make all the mirrors turn blue?"

"Worth a shot," the girl jumped through another but it turned green, "thats odd..."

"Mixed colors?"

"I don't know."

"Lets go through all the mirrors and see if we can spot a pattern."

"First one to twenty wins?"

"You're on," the girl jolted to a nearby mirror, "sucker!"

"Hey! No fair!" The boy started running through uncolored mirrors trying to catch up.

"I'm on ten!" Kurai laughed and dove through the mirror next to her, instead of coming out across the room she tumbled into a pitch black room. She turned around, frightened, and tried desperately to get out. Akarui stopped going through the mirrors and looked around. The silence was eerie. "AKARUI! HELP!" Kurai started beating the walls in frustration.

Akarui help...

The boy jumped. He heard the girl's voice clearly even though the room remained silent. Her voice became louder inside his head as he walked to where he last saw the girl.

I'm coming.

Akarui hoped the girl could hear him. On the other side of the mirror Kurai had heard the words loud and clear in her mind. She yelled again and the boy tumbled into the room, landing next to her. "Ouch! That mirror certainly has a pull to it..." the boy rubbed the back of his head and stood up to face the girl who immediately hugged him for a second.

"There is no way out. So far that is..." the two began feeling the walls.

"What about this?" the boy pushed a button on the wall and it collapsed making a loud echoing noise. Kurai turned towards the sound.

"Great, now we have a way out but its still too dark to see," as the girl spoke the boy pulled off his backpack and began to rummage through it. He pulled out an object and suddenly there was a beam of light breaking through the darkness.

"Heh, flashlight."

"Nice!" The girl looked around, "Holy cow. Look at the walls. This is solid sapphire. No stones. No dirt. Just Sapphire. This is creepy, but I guess it makes more sense than dirt would since we're indoors"

"Ooh Shiny..." Akarui moved his hand across the smooth surface, "Wait theres something encased inside there..." he pointed the beam directly at the wall and suddenly jumped back, "Holy crap! Theres a bunch of skeletons in there!"