"come on, as if Dylan likes me I mean seriously eww he's like my brothers best friend for gods sake I've known him since I was in nappies that would be gross" I said brushing of Emily comment looking at the cobbles of the street we are walking on. I cant wait to get home for some reason school has been exhausting today and now Ems bringing up thought of me and Dylan dating doesn't help infact it makes me sick yuck! We all lived at Provincetown ,Massachusetts it was okay but the only thing that annoyed me was the fact the everyone knew everyone and then some but I suppose it had its good point I mean if you ever where in any trouble which was rare in our same town then someone would be their to help.

"He does he was totally checking you out during chemistry and English!" Emily said

"yeah well I'm definitely not interested I mean he's lucky Kyle didn't see him you know how he gets all caveman" I giggled "but by all mean ems you go for it everyone knows you've got a soft spot for Dylan" I said slyly

"NO I don't!" I look over at her and notice she's beginning to blush. Ems could lie to save herself

"Then why are you blushing Ems"

"I'm not blushing"

"Yeah whatever you say Ems" I say smiling "anyway Ems just cause I think of him as a brother doesn't mean he's not hot I mean he is cute and so you're type"

Ems peeks up at me threw her hair and quietly say "you think"

"Yeah definitely Ems"

"Yeah he is, I mean those eyes are to…Kayleigh watch out!" she shout pulling me out the way of a lamp post so that I don't end up smacking into it

"Oh thanks ems what am I like I can barley put one foot in front of another without tripping over them " I giggle I can feel myself going red and suddenly ems burst out laughing and I find myself joining her

"God Kayleigh you an accident waiting to happen you lucky you have my fine ass to save you from these lamp post"

"Awe shut up ems anyway tell me about Dylan's eyes are like, their too what for?" I tease

"I don't know what you talking about" she said totally evading the question

"Yeah yeah ems you totally have the hots for him"

"Hots for who?"

Emily and I let out a scream at the unexpected familiar voice I turn round and punch my twin in the arm playfully. I love him but he can be such an idiot sometimes though if I heard anyone else calling Kyle that then I would have to kick their ass. I and Kyle were the typical twin brother and sister, joined and the hip and fiercely protective of one another but we could fight like cat and dog at times. Kyle was the other half of me the one that kicked a boy in nursery for making me fall over, the one that I went to when my first boyfriend broke up with me, the one that new exactly how it felt to never know your mum cause she died when we were born, the one who's father ran out on us because he couldn't get over the fact that his wife had died and left his two week old children to be with some other family half way across the country, the one who loved our grandpa as much as I did who knew exactly what he gave up for us because he couldn't see his only grandchildren be left to go into care. Yeah our life isn't easy at times and with only me, Kyle and our grandpa left sometimes quiet but I wouldn't change it for a thing.

"Kyle your such an idiot sometimes" I say laughing

"yeah but you both love me anyway, anyway who is hot" he says pushing his way in between the two of us and wrapping his comforting arm round each of us. Kyle loved Ems as much as I loved Dylan we had all known each other since we were little and when ems dad died three years ago we all were their for her. Me and Kyle didn't have a big family but we counted Dylan and Ems as family and loved them both dearly but we always thought that Ems had the hots for Dylan and would sometime talk about them and how to get Dylan to wake up and see that the most perfect girl for him was Ems but as much as we talked about setting them up it never happened but now that Ems has finally admitted that she has feelings for Dylan maybe I could talk Kyle into saying something to Dylan.

"Where's Dylan "I ask trying to divert the conversation away from Kyle's prying ears.

"Coach wanted him to practice being in goals said he needs the practice for Saturdays game" Kyle said flicking his black hair out of his face. That was the only thing different between me and Kyle while his hair was jet black and strait my hair was red and uncontrollably curly. The same as my dads my grandpa said which infuriated me to know end as if I needed more reason to hate my hair. Ems always said she loved my hair but I was just as envious of her hair it was a golden blond that most girl would and do pay an arm and a leg for and straight god she was so lucky she had the perfect hair and the perfect body while I was a size 14 Ems was a perfect size 10 and while I had to watch what I ate Ems could munch her way through 3 McDonalds and still not have to work it of. The boys in school would stare at her all day if Dylan and Kyle hadn't had them all threatened them within an inch of their life. Me and ems would get such of a laugh out of that "poor boys "she would always say giggling.

"Oh I thought you were getting a lift home with him today" I asked Kyle

"Yeah I was supposed to but you know what coach is like" Kyle mumbled

Yeah everyone knew what coach was like he was mega strict and wouldn't take shit from no one but he was a great guy no one could say different he was the guy that everyone went to wither you did sports or not he would always make a huge problem that could never be fixed seem like something that was easily fixable and not that big of a problem "better to go forward and stumble than to sit and grumble" he would always say to you when you where in a bit of a rut. Grandpa said that coach and mum had been best friends when the where at high school and always thought the would end up together but when high school ended for them and they both went to different colleges they grew apart plus the first summer mum came back from college she brought dad back with her and the rest they say is history. Coach moved on and met his wife and had kids and mum did the same only difference was while coaches wife made it through giving birth mum died during hers. Grandpa always said that one of the saddest things he ever say was coach the day of mum's funeral the man looked defeated he would always say. I always thought coach had a soft spot for me and Kyle because he new our mum plus it always helped that he was Dylan's dad. A smile creeps on my face as I think of how right our fearsome foursome felt like it was always meant to be Ems dad and my dad had been best buds growing up and my dad introduced Ems mum charlotte to Ems dad Sam. Yip our friendship was meant to be and with one year left of high school left we had all made a pact that we were all going to the same college. I couldn't wait.

"Earth to Kayleigh… earth to Kayleigh" Kyle said bringing me out of my thoughts by waving his had in front of my face.

"What?" I asked confused

"We were you of to this time Kayl" asked Ems she was used to me going of in my own little world so it didn't seem to bother her and if it did she never mentioned it

"Umm… no where just thinking" I mumbled going red. Emily just smiled at me giving me a knowing look she was the world's best friend one of the only people who completely got me and never minded my weirdness.

"Okay … Anyway Kyle I heard that Jessica fisher wanted to ask you to ask her out. Are you going to "asked Ems we both hated Jessica fisher because for whatever reason it was her life's mission to make me and ems life's hell. Dylan and Kyle hated her just a much as we did but jess was known for being easy and Kyle was only a guy not that I approved of his player life style infact on more than one occasion I spoke to him about it but its not as if the girls didn't know what he was like I mean It was a well known fact that everyone knew that although Kyle had many girls he had never and I mean never had a girlfriend.

"Ems if me and Jessica where the last people on earth and the whole world depended on us doing the dirty to survive not even then would I go near that tramp with a 10 foot barge pole. I mean how desperate do you think I am Ems ehh?" he said and smiled at me. Why did I even doubt him for a second I should no he had better standards than that. I smile back at him and lean in to him.

"Well boys will be boys Kyle I mean everyone knows that the male species thinks with their…"

"Ehh ems as much as I love you if you say one more word I swear I'm going to kill you" I say

Ems throws her hands up in the air in defeat " I give in then I only try to help my best friend by letting them know that the fish queen is after one of our men and where does that get me a death threat"#

" awe ems as much as I love the fact your looking out for me and all and please know that I will be forever in your debt and I mean forever I know all about the fish queens hopes but that's all they are hopes. So you both stop worrying your pretty red and blond heads the only girl out their for me is the both of you" he said

"Awk yeah and we love you too little bro" I say running down the street trying to get a head start from Kyle.

"Only by three minutes" he shouts running after me. I'm a pretty good runner so it isn't hard for me to get a good head start but kyle and ems are fast to I look behind me and see them they are closer than I think I turn the corner onto our street and quickly jump behind a tree. Ems and Kyle must have seen me behind the tree because the both of them run at the tree at opposite sides of the tree and catch me and begin to tickle me.

"Okay… okay…" I say between giggles "I give in you both are the best "they let me go and we all catch our breath before we start to walk down the street again. I love this street the houses are so pretty this is my idea of heaven everyone knows everyone on this street and everyone look out for one another. Though something feels of this time its not like every other time I walk down this street I usually feel safe here, settled, at peace you could say but this time I don't feel any of that I feel… I don't know what I feel just like something isn't right I think Kyle and Ems can feel it to because we don't say anything until we get to ems house which is three doors down from us.

"Um bye guys" she mumbles so quietly that I can barley hear her

"Bye" we say in unison

I want to say something to Kyle ask him if he feels what I'm feeling ask him if feels as uncomfortable as I do but before I can get the chance we are at our door. Kyle walks in first and throws his bag on the rest to the right of us I add my bag neatly next to his and go to check on my grandpa while Kyle goes strait threw to the kitchen to make everyone a coffee. I can see my grandpa's head just pecking out from above the chair. The TV is on and its really loud but that's not unusual for us grandpa is deaf so he always has the TV loud so he can here it. Grab the TV remote from the floor think that he must have dropped it when he fell asleep and turn the TV down. I turn round to my grandpa and reach out to wake him up from his sleep and feel…cold like no body heat cold "grandpa" I whisper with tears in my eyes.