I was born in a dark time,

I was born before the light

Everywhere I look now,

Happiness resides

Little children, playing in the streets,

Young couples, walking in the fields

Do you know what it is like to suffer?

Do you know what its like to fear?

I hope you will never experience

The injustices I faced

Every morning I woke up

I wondered if it would change

But it never did

My savior never came

Every fairy tale has a happy ending

Why is my life not the same?

I will never find a lover

I will never feel that feeling

I will never receive a rose from an admirer

I will never know the meaning

Of living life to the fullest

Of seizing the day

From the minute I was born

I was cursed

You say your teacher is evil-

When she gives you extra homework

You say a test was torture-

When you never studied in the first place

But you do not know what evil is

Until you have fallen from its blow

You do not what torture is

For your life has always flown

Above the clouds,

Above the monstrosities occurring every day

Should you look down

Even now, you will see

People suffer, while you laugh in glee

They are hurt, they are pained

You do not notice

For yours is a life without these errors

A life you can enjoy

But there are people out there

Fighting for survival every day