My little world is fading fast.

Reality's tearing through,

The veil of blissful ignorance.

But it can't be unseen.

How the people I call my own,

Are falling apart.

I can't feel my heart.

A pounding in my chest, that's all.

No recollection, none at all.

But this has happened before;

How time flies.

Before I know it, I'll just be the little girl,

With nothing to call her own.

I'll be left alone.

I refuse to feel this pain.

She hurt me, and then I had no one.

I sunk deep down within myself.

And when I a merged,

I found a new place to call my own.

But now, them too, are fading fast,

I refuse to feel this pain.

I'll be back to walking the road of solitude,

Some times so dreary and long.

But before I know it,

I'll have found a merry song

To help my through the loneliness,

Buried along side my heart.