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"It's official. I'm giving up swimming and becoming a surfer."

Adi laughed at his best friend's declaration and flicked some sand at him. "Sure you are, Mr. Australian National Champion in all backstroke events."

"But surfing is so much more fun," Riley whined. "And surfers get to go to cool places like Hawaii."

"Pretty sure you can do that with swimming. Plus, you can do Olympics and Commonwealth Games if you are swimmer."

Riley sighed. "True. Still, it was pretty neat of your dad to get us surfing lessons for Christmas. And we get to stay here for two whole weeks!"

"Yeah, it was neat of him," Adi agreed, standing up and brushing the from his board shorts. "How bummed was Ricky that he couldn't come?"

"Extremely," Riley admitted. "I feel kind of bad, he hasn't been so cheerful lately. But I promised that we'll head out to the pools or the movies when I get back so that made him a little happier."

"Is he nervous for high school? Haha, remember how scared we were?"

Riley let out a laugh. "Oh God we were idiots. High school is so much better than primary school. Hey, is that the instructor?"

"Yep, looks like the man from the website," Adi said.

"You boys Adi and Riley?" the man asked. At their nods he smiled. "I'm Charlie and I'll be your instructor for the next two weeks. You boys ready to start?"

"We're not actually heading into the water today, are we?" Riley asked.

Charlie laughed. "Nah, just going to show the ropes and get to know each other today. Today will be a lot shorter then our next sessions because I have a date tonight so I hope you don't mind."

"It's cool," Adi said at the same time Riley asked, "Is she hot?"

At Charlie's surprised look Adi groaned. "I'm so sorry for him. Sometimes I think he doesn't have a brain to mouth filter."

"It's alright," Charlie laughed though he looked kind of nervous now. "Actually, it's a he. He's my boyfriend of three years."

"Oh," Riley said. He then smiled. "Is he hot?"

Adi could see Charlie relax as the tension bled out of his shoulders. "Extremely. Fit as well. Anyway, ready to get started?"

"I'm good, Adi?" Riley asked, turning to his friend.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm cool with it, I mean I'm ready to go," Adi stumbled over his words.

Riley shook his head and sighed. "He definitely doesn't have a brain to mouth filter."

"It's okay, so far you two seem pretty interesting," Charlie grinned. "Okay, lying down on your boards now!"

"So, how was surfing?" Mario asked them when they started back at school. The weather was extremely hot and along with Louis and Thomas, the three boys were sitting under the shade area of the library, looking out over the rugby field.

"Simply amazing," Riley grinned, splitting a piece of grass with his thumb. "Charlie, he was our teacher, was great and he was like, really, really patient."

"It was great fun," Adi agreed. "Best part though was watching Andrew train for that beach competition."

"Oh, that was simply fantastic!"

"Who's Andrew?" Louis asked. "Another teacher?"

Riley shook his head. "Nah, he's Charlie's boyfriend. When we first met him it was a bit weird because he kept looking at us like we were going to judge them but soon enough he relaxed. They both showed us around the town on our last day and took us to this really neat surf shop."

"Wait, you hung out with fags?" Thomas asked, mouth twisted in disgust. "Gross."

"They weren't gross," Adi frowned. "They're just like any other couple in the world. And they've been dating three years."

"It's wrong," Thomas argued. "Dating and sex and shit is meant to be between a man and a woman. Everyone knows that."

"Oh yeah?" Riley fumed, standing up and staring down at Thomas. "If you have such a problem with people being gay maybe you should get lost. And pull your head out of your arse."

Thomas stood up as well and crowded up into Riley's face. "What, are you a fag? You and Adi fucking each other?"

Adi was pretty sure it was Riley that threw the first punch but he knew he threw the last. He was pleased to see that Mario was fighting against Thomas while Lewis tried to get the taller boy off of Riley. The fight only ended when the Sports Coordinator and some of the rugby players pulled them off each other and a teacher escorted them to the first aid room. Both Riley and Thomas had a black eye forming and Adi had a split lip. Mario's left cheek had a bruise blossoming on it while Louis seemed to have escaped injury. Once they were bandaged up the teacher took them to the principal's office and told them to wait.

When the principal walked in he looked at them and lifted an eyebrow in confusion. He sat behind his desk and rested his chin in his hand, still looking confused. None of the boys met his eyes and he cleared his throat, leaning back.

"Okay, I did not expect any of you boys in here," he started. "I know for a fact that you are some of our best students and I was always under the impression that you were friends. Will someone explain what happened?"

"It would be best to ask Louis, sir," Riley gritted out. "He's probably going to be the least biased of any of us."

Louis sighed before recounting what had happened. He winced whenever he had to repeat what Thomas had said and by the end of it he was almost whispering. The principal sighed and scrubbed at his eyes, suddenly looking very tired. He then pulled open a drawer and took some papers out before spreading them out on his desk.

"You know boys, I really hate handing out suspensions," he sighed. "Louis, you just have an in school one for the rest of the day. I understand that you weren't… completely active in the fight but you were involved. Mario and Adi, two days at home for jumping in and not trying to stop it. Riley, three days for throwing the first punch and Thomas three days for your language. This school does not tolerate any form of bullying or discrimination young man and I'll be speaking to you when you get back to school. Now, you four," he said, pointing at Adi, Riley, Mario and Thomas, "I'll be calling your parents to have them pick you up. You're suspension starts tomorrow. Louis, take this form and head up to T1 where you'll stay for the rest of the day. Dismissed."

"Yes, sir," they all muttered before walking out of the office. Once they had left and were out of sight from the secretary, Thomas grabbed Riley and slammed him against the wall.

"This isn't over," he hissed before Adi could do anything and suddenly let go of Riley. He stalked to the front of the office with four glares aimed at his back.

"I got my licence," Adi sang as he danced through Riley's front door.

"He got his licence," Riley echoed as he followed behind his friend. The pair of them danced their way into Riley's kitchen, where his mum was finishing packing the dishwasher. "Hey mum, Adi got his licence."

"Did he?" she smiled. "Give me a look. Oh, good photo!"

"I still think it's unfair how much better his turned out," Riley complained as he peered over his friend's shoulder.

Adi mimed flicking his hair over his shoulder. "What can I say, the cameras love me!"

"Haha, very funny. Go wait in the lounge room, I gotta unpack my bag."

Adi looked into the lounge room and saw Ricky there staring down at his hands. He grinned and walked over to the other boy, grabbing his shoulders and laughing as Ricky jumped.

"Hey Ricky, how you doing?" Adi asked cheerfully, falling down on the lounge next to him.

Ricky gave him a strained smile. "I'm good."

"You don't look to good," Adi frowned. "Normally you're bouncing to see me!"

"I'm fine," Ricky insisted, standing up. He shoved past Riley who had just entered the room and they heard him stomp up the stairs.

"What's got his boxers in a twist?" Riley asked, sitting next to his friend and handing a Coke over.

Adi shrugged. "Dunno. He hasn't been so cheerful the past few days. Try and find out and tell me? I'm kinda worried."

"Me too," Riley admitted. "I'll call you tonight and let you know."

When Adi got a call from Riley that evening he was quite shocked at what his friend had to say.

"He's gay."

Adi remained quiet for half a minute. "Say what?"

"Ricky's gay," Riley sighed. "And he got himself so worked up that we would hate him because of it."

"You're don't right?"

"Course not, he's my baby brother. He said he's not sure and that's fine, geez, he's only thirteen but I'll still love him either way."

Adi hesitated before speaking. "Will your parents get angry?"

"Dunno…" Riley sighed again. "Look, I've gotta go. Ricky looked like he was about to cry when I left the room."

"You didn't leave right after he told you did you? Cause that would have been bad tact."

Riley scoffed. "Course not, I'm not that bad. Anyway, see you at school tomorrow."

"Bye! Tell Ricky I'm still his friend."

At the end of October Adi and Riley were invited to a Halloween party. Both boys were very excited and spent the two weeks leading up to it looking over costume ideas. They decided to go as Jack Frost and Peter Pan, with Adi being Jack and Riley being Peter.

"It was really nice of your mum to make our costumes," Adi grinned before squinting his eyes closed and holding his breath as he began spray painting his hair white.

"They look awesome, don't they?" Riley agreed. "Emily says there are going to be all sorts of awards as well, like Most Original Costume, Best Costume, Worst Costume, things like that."

"Any idea what Emily is going as?" Adi asked, opening his eyes and checking his hair in Riley's bathroom mirror.

"I think she said Red Riding Hood. I know Louis and Margaret are going as the Mad Hatter and Alice."

"You know, so far none of the costumes I have heard sound scary."

The two boys turned to see Ricky leaning against the door frame and smirking. Riley rolled his eyes but beckoned him in.

"Still bet there are going to be loads of vampires or zombies and stuff," Adi answered. "Have I missed anywhere?"

"Nah, hang on, let me do the blue tinge," Riley said, reaching around Ricky to grab the blue hair spray paint. He shook the can and looked at Adi. "It's only lightly, right?"

Adi nodded and closed his eyes tight again. He heard Ricky coughing and smirked and stepped out of the paint fume cloud that was created. Opening his eyes, he looked in the mirror and grinned.

"Looks good," Ricky admitted. "Both costumes. Mum did good."

"She did," Riley smiled. He grabbed Adi's staff and twirled it around, almost hitting his brother. At Ricky's squawked he laughed and placed a kiss on the top of his head. "Sorry squirt, didn't see you there."

"Sure, sure," Ricky grumbled before edging around Adi to leave. "You want me to start setting up your room for Adi?"

"Yeah, thanks," Riley called out after him. "Just don't go through my stuff!"

Soon enough they were in Riley's dad's car and heading off to the party. Adi was right in the fact that there were lots of people dressed as vampires and zombies. Riley had brought his camera along and was dragging Adi around to get as many pictures with as many people as possible. Emily's parents had set up all sorts of games, like Apple Bobbin and Candy Toss. The also had the donut game and Adi was still proud that he could beat Riley. Then came the awards which were a certificate and a bag of lollies. Adi and Riley both won one each, for Best Costume (Adi) and Best Character (Riley). Mario ended up winning Most Original Costume with his Slenderman costume and both Adi and Riley were pleased that Thomas didn't win anything. Both boys were still angry at him and refused to acknowledge him at all during school. The only time they interacted with him was at soccer and even that was extremely tense.

At ten o'clock parents started arriving to force their children home, the fact that it was a school night making them all the more urgent. Adi and Riley climbed into Riley's dad's car without complaint, falling against the leather seats completely spent.

"Good time?" Riley's dad asked, grinning at them.

"The best," Riley yawned. "Did Ricky set up my room?"

"He did and you should be thankful. You have a good brother Riley."

"I know," Riley agreed, stifling another yawn behind his hand. "He's the best. Don't you think Adi?"

"He is pretty awesome," Adi nodded, trying to fight off the waves of sleep.

"So, how was your year boys? Remember anything I taught you?"

Adi and Riley laughed at Charlie's question, relaxing on the beach chairs the teacher had brought out.

"It was pretty good," Adi answered, stretching his arms up.

"The start was a bit rough," Riley admitted. "We got into a fight on the first day back. Suspended too."

"What on Earth did you do?" Andrew asked, peering over his sunglasses. "You said you guys were good kids."

"We are," Adi protested. "It was actually because of you two that the fight started."

"We were telling a few friends about the surfing," Riley explained at their confused looks. "When I mentioned that you were gay one guy took it badly and then accused me that me and Adi were… together." He rolled his eyes. "Needless to say we aren't friends with him anymore."

"It's amazing at how stupid and ignorant some people are," Adi commented. "I thought our generation was all about moving forward and stuff."

"You'll always get some people who constantly go against what is right," Charlie sighed. "Anyway, what else happened? Hopefully no more fights?"

"No more fights, though it came close a few times," Riley said. "My younger brother did come out to me though. I didn't understand how hard it could be for a person until he did. He was a mess."

"He's okay now though?" Andrew asked concerned.

Adi nodded. "Yeah, much better. He told your parents what, last month? They took it well. He was worried that they were going to hate him or something."

"He was worried that you would to you know," Riley interjected, looking over at his friend. "He looks up to you heaps."

"I wouldn't have cared," Adi shrugged. "Still don't. That's his business, not mine. Don't see how it concerns me."

"Truer words have never been spoken," Charlie laughed as he jumped off his chair. "Now, let's see what you two have remember. Let's hit the waves!"

That night Riley set up a Skype call to his brother. It took a while for Ricky to answer and when he did his face was all flushed. Both Adi and Riley pulled faces.

"Do we want to know what you were up to?" Riley asked. "Oh God, let me continue under the impression that you are still innocent!"

"Ry!" Ricky hissed, face blushing bright red. "You were the one that called. What do you want?"

"Geez, just wanted to see how you were," Riley rolled his eyes. "Can't a guy check up on his brother every once in a while?"

"When are you coming back?" Ricky pouted. "It's boring here."

"We'll be back on the twenty-third," Adi answered. "Why don't you go out with some of your friends?"

Ricky rolled his eyes. "Because they are all boring. None of them are interested in going out anywhere. I've been spending a lot of time just boxing."

"Well, we'll be home soon to entertain you," Riley smiled. "Stay safe Rick."

"Bye, have fun," Rick waved, blowing a kiss at them before disconnecting the call. Adi and Riley both stared at the screen for a few minutes before Riley sighed and stood up.

"Geez, he's grown up so fast?"

"He has, hasn't he?" Adi agreed, taking one last look at the screen before following his friend out of the bedroom.

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1. January- Adi: 15, Riley: 15
2. February- Adi: 15, Riley: 15
3. June- Adi: 16, Riley: 16, Ricky: 13
4. October-
Adi: 16, Riley: 16, Ricky: 13
5. December- Adi: 16, Riley: 16, Ricky: 13

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